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ASCA Downloadable Forms and Rule Books


General Forms 
***Including Tracking Number and 
Service Membership Application
Tracking Dog Forms


** Helpful tip** If you are going to use a pdf over and over again, save it on your computer first before you type in the information. That way the information will remain in the form. Once you have the information typed in, save it again. 


Agility Forms:

Agility Entry (.pdf with text entry)
Agility Judges Report Form (.pdf)
Agility Jump Height Card Application (.pdf)
Agility Trial Sanctioning Form (.pdf with text entry)
Agility Yardage and Course Times Sheets (.pdf)
Agility Promotional Flier (.pdf)
Agility Apprentice Judge Application (.pdf)
Agility Apprentice Judge Application for Promotion (.pdf)
Agility Apprentice Supervisor Judge Application (.pdf)
Agility Application to Apprentice (.pdf)
Licensee Sanction Request (.pdf)


Club Forms:
New Affiliate Club Forms (.pdf)
Affiliate Club By-Law (.pdf)
Club Renewal Forms (.pdf)
Application to be Licensed Agility Club contact  Adrianne Karli:   

Conformation Forms:
Conformation Entry (.pdf )
Conformation Entry (.pdf ) With Text Entry
Conformation Flyer Rules (.pdf)
Conformation Sanctioning Form (.pdf with text entry 175kb)
Conformation Sanctioning Form (.pdf without text entry 130kb)
Conformation Show Report Form (.pdf)
Breeder Judge Packet (.pdf)
Breed Standard Download (.pdf)
Other Person Conformation Judge Packet (.pdf)
Code of Ethics for Conformation Judges (.pdf)
Judge Extension Request for Conformation (.pdf)


DNA Cheek Swab Instructions (.pdf)
DNA Complaint Form (.pdf)
DNA Test Request Form (.pdfwith text entry)
DNA Blood Card Instructions (.pdf)
DNA Blood Tube Instructions (.pdf)
Gene Bank Enrollment form (.pdf)
DNA litter rule ad (.pdf)


Foreign Language Forms: 
Other Registry Registration Application French (.pdf)
Other Registry Registration Application German (.pdf)
Membership Application German (.pdf)
Litter Registration Form German (.pdf)
Duplicate registration certificate request form German (.pdf)
Pedigree Request Form German (.pdf)


General Forms:
Address Change Form (.pdf)
Certified Pedigree Request Form (.pdf)
Complaint Instructions and Form (.pdf)
Explanation Form for DQ or Excused Dogs (.pdf)
Hall of Fame Sire/Dam Application (.pdf)
Hall of Fame Kennel/Breeder Application (.pdf)
Hall of Fame Excellent Application (.pdf)
Insurance Request Form (.pdf)
Insurance Request Form for Canada (.pdf)
Membership Application (.pdf)
Minor Signature Authorization Form (.pdf)
Registered name Change Request (.pdf)
Sanctioned Shows and Trials Newsletter (.pdf)
Show Changes Report (.pdf)
Tracking Number and Service Membership Application (.pdf)
Trademark Form (.pdf)
Cee Hambo Information (.pdf)
Cee Hambo Application (.pdf)


Judges Directory (.pdf)


Obedience Forms:
Obedience Entry  (.pdf)
Obedience Entry  (.pdf) with text entry
Obedience Sanctioning Form (.pdf with text entry 259kb)
Obedience Sanctioning Form (.pdf without text entry 159kb)
Obedience Judge Qualification Form (.pdf)
Judge Extension Request for Obedience (.pdf)
Obedience Unofficial Score Sheet (.pdf)
Obedience Trial Report Form (.pdf)
Open B Exercises (.pdf)
Utility B Exercises (.pdf)
Obedience Judge's Worksheet: Beginner Novice (.pdf)
Obedience Judge's Worksheet: Grad Novice (.pdf)
Obedience Judge's Worksheet: Novice (.pdf)
Obedience Judge's Worksheet: Open Order I (.pdf), Open Order II (.pdf),
       Open Order III (.pdf), Open Order IV (.pdf), Open Order V (.pdf),
Obedience Judge's Worksheet:Utility Order I (.pdf), Utility Order II (.pdf),
       Utility Order III (.pdf), Utility Order IV (.pdf), Utility Order V (.pdf),
Obedience Judge's Worksheet:Sub Novice (.pdf)
Obedience Judge's Worksheet:Long Sit and Down(.pdf)
Obedience Judge's Worksheet: Versatility (.pdf)
Beginner Novice Obedience Signs (.pdf)
Obedience Steward Guidelines (.pdf)
Obedience ASCA vs AKC Rules (.pdf)
Obedience Judge Time Calculation Worksheet (.xlsx)
Guideline for Obedience Trial Coordinator (.pdf)
Guideline for Obedience Trial Secretary (.pdf)
Sample Confirmation Letter (docx)
Sample Obedence Entry Spreadsheet (.xls)


Rally Forms:
Rally Course Checklist (.pdf)
Rally Course Template  (.xls)
Rally Entry Form (.pdf)
Rally Judge Application (.pdf)
Rally Finals and Nationals Judge Eligibility Form (.pdf)
Rally Sanctioning Form (.pdf with text entry 175kb)
Rally Sanctioning Form (.pdf without text entry 145kb)
Rally Score Sheet by Deductions (.pdf)
Rally Score Sheet by Station Numbers (.pdf)
Rally Signs (.pdf)
Rally Star Sign (.pdf)
Rally Trial Report (.pdf)
Rally Renumbering of Signs Chart (.pdf)
Rally Instructions for New Number Labels (.pdf)
Rally New Number Labels (.pdf)
Rally Small Signs for Course Design (.docx)


Registry Forms:
Artificial Insemination (.pdf)
Duplicate registration application request form (.pdf )
Duplicate registration certificate request form (.pdf with text entry)
Other Registry Registration Application(.pdf)
German Litter Registration (.pdf)
Kennel Name Registration Form (.pdf) - Current Kennel Listing (.pdf)
Lease Agreement Form (.pdf)
Limited Exhibition Privileges Registration Form (.pdf)
Litter Registration Form - (.pdf)
Litter Registration Form - (.pdf with text entry)
Multiple Sire Litter Registration Form -(.pdf)
Name Change Request Form (.pdf)
Not for Breeding release form (.pdf with text entry)
Transfer of Ownership Form (.pdf)


Rule Books (Date updated):
Agility Rules (6/16) (.pdf)
Conformation Rules (6/16) (.pdf)
Junior Rules (6/16) (.pdf)
Obedience Rules  (6/16) (.pdf)
Rally Rules  (6/16) (.pdf)
Rally Signs (.pdf)
Rally Star Sign (.pdf)
Stockdog Rules (6/16)  (.pdf)
Tracking Rules (6/16)  (.pdf)
MVA/HOF/VCH/PCH Rules (6/16) (.pdf)
Bylaws (6/16) (.pdf)
Registry Rules (6/16) (.pdf)
National Specialty Rules (.pdf)
Policy Book (6/16) (.pdf)
Committee Procedures (6/16) (.pdf)


Stockdog Forms:
Stockdog Trial Entry(.doc  or .pdf with text entry)
Stockdog Trial Entry (.pdf)
Stockdog Trial Sanctioning Form (.pdfwith text entry)
Stockdog Trial Results Form (.pdf)
Jr and Novice Stockdog Form (pdf)
Jr Stockdog Trial Results Form(pdf)
Ranch Trial Sanctioning Form (.pdf with text entry)
Ranch Dog Inspection Request (.pdf)
Ranch Dog Inspection Evaluation Form (.pdf)
Ranch Trial Results Report (.pdf with text entry)
Stock Dog Judge Application (.pdf)
Farm Trial Checklist (.pdf)
Farm Trial Sanctioning Form (.pdf)
Farm Trial Scoresheet Example (.pdf)
Farm Trial Scoresheet Template (.pdf)
Farm Trial Results Report (.pdf)


Tracking Dog Forms:
Tracking Test (s) Entry Form (.pdf with text entry)
Tracking Test Sanction Request (.pdf with text entry)
Tracking Dog Test Judge's Book (.pdf)
Tracking Test Report (.pdf)
Tracking Judge's Chart/Map Forms (.pdf)
Tracking Judge Qualification Form (.pdf)
Conduct Evaluation of a Provisional Tracking Judge (.pdf)


In order to utilize these forms, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader for the .pdf files and Microsoft Excel and Word for the .xls and .doc files. Acrobat Reader is freely available from Adobe at MS Excel and Word are available from Microsoft.

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