2023 ASCA Ballot Results

ASCA Members,

I would like to announce and extend a warm welcome to your newly elected members of the ASCA Board of Directors:

Jillian Ward
Lynda Hardin
David Clayton

Their respective three-year tenures will commence with the 2023 National Specialty and end at the 2026 National Specialty. While they can participate in the Board discussions immediately, their voting rights will be effective only once their official term begins.

Please allow me to share a bit more about our incoming directors:

Since joining ASCA in 1998, Jillian has become a cornerstone of her local California affiliate clubs, proving herself as a versatile leader and organizer. Her role as a Senior Breeder Judge, her ownership of a Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel, and the operation of Day Of Show Products showcase her experience in ASCA and business acumen. This will be Jillian’s first time on the ASCA Board.

Lynda joined ASCA in 1989 and rapidly established herself as a stalwart within the Carolina ASC. She is a Senior Breeder Judge and, having been raised on a North Carolina dairy farm, has a deep-rooted connection to livestock and pedigree research. Complementing her ASCA accomplishments, Lynda has cultivated a successful professional career, boasting over 27 years of expertise in accounting and finance. This will be Lynda’s first time on the ASCA Board.

David has been a member of ASCA since 1982 and has been an avid supporter of his local Florida affiliate clubs. He is a Senior Breeder and Stockdog Judge. His highly commended kennel and committee services highlight his deep expertise within ASCA. He previously served on the ASCA Board from 2010 – 2013. Beyond ASCA, David manages a hobby farm, raising sheep and cattle, while also excelling in his professional life as a Senior Environmental Scientist and Certified Contract Manager for the State of Florida.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to our outgoing directors Liz Busquets, Denise Creelman, and Carol Gerken for their devoted service to ASCA on the Board. They will continue to exercise their voting rights as Board members until the 2023 National Specialty.

The ASCA Board of Directors for the upcoming term is as follows:

Terms expiring in 2024: Rick Gann*, Ann McCabe, Jodie McLellan
Terms expiring in 2025: Jan Wesen*, Susan Byrne, Dawna Sims
Terms expiring in 2026: Jillian Ward, Lynda Hardin, David Clayton
(*Directors are required to take a year off, in accordance with Bylaws Article 7 Section 5.)

Here are some noteworthy statistics related to this year’s election:

Total Eligible Voters: 6,392
Total Paper Ballots Cast: 350
Total Online Ballots Cast: 746
Total Votes Cast: 1,096

Below is the vote tally for the candidates:

Jillian Ward: 600 votes
Lynda Hardin: 594 votes
David Clayton: 537 votes
Tanya Johnson: 436 votes
Rachel Vest: 368 votes
Judy Boone: 227 votes
Russ Ford: 226 votes

Besides the Board election, two proposed amendments to the ASCA Bylaws were put to the vote. Motion #1 to Update Bylaw Section 7.06 Election to Office received 966 votes in favor and 81 votes opposed. Motion #2 to Update Bylaw Section 7.09 Notice received 1026 votes in favor and 25 votes opposed.

This year 17.1% of the ballots were returned, compared to 14.8% in 2021, 16.5% in 2020, 15.5% in 2019, 18% in 2018, 24.6% in 2017, 19.3% in 2016, 15.9% in 2015, and 18.3% in 2014.

We value and appreciate the active participation of all members in shaping the future of ASCA. Thank you for your continued commitment to our mission and vision.

Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary