2023 Board of Director Candidate Information


It’s time again to start thinking about the annual ASCA Board of Directors election. The board is composed of nine directors, and there are three positions up to be filled. March 1, 2023, is the last day to electronically submit a candidate’s complete Candidate Packet to the business office. Here is a link to the packet on our website: https://asca.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/CandidatInfo2023.pdf

Candidates must have been full members of ASCA for eight continuous years (without a lapse in membership) and must remain in good standing during their tenure on the board. Directors are elected to serve a term of three years. They can serve two consecutive terms, then must take a year off. This year, Directors Liz Busquets and Denise Creelman must take a year off and Director Carol Gerken is eligible to run for another term.

The board manages the business and affairs of ASCA. This is mostly done online, so candidates must be capable of using email to communicate clearly and basic computer functions. Directors are expected to check their email at least once a day, conduct research, and draft motions as needed. The board meets face-to-face twice yearly – during the spring at the business office in Bryan, Texas, and during the fall at the ASCA National Specialty. They also hold monthly teleconference meetings to handle issues outside the usual email business.

However, the obligations of a director are considerable and extend well beyond the basic expectations of attending meetings and voting. They must know ASCA’s mission, vision, purpose, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths, and needs. They must perform their duties responsibly, and with care, loyalty, and obedience to the ASCA members. It is important to note that Directors do not have special privileges, prerogatives, or authority; their obligation is to make corporate decisions. They are expected to meet higher standards of personal conduct on behalf of their organization than those usually expected of other volunteers.

Candidates should be business-minded, able to work with differing personalities, willing to take initiative, willing to provide candid and constructive criticism, detail-oriented, and dependable. Directors are often contacted by members with their concerns, and so should make themselves available either by email or phone.

More information can be found in the Director’s Handbook: https://asca.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/directorshandbook.pdf

The election calendar is found on page 32 of the Policy Book: https://asca.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/policybook.pdf

If you’ve made it this far and that sounds like something you’re interested in, please fill out the candidate packet and submit it electronically to the business office by March 1, 2023. I’m also available to answer any questions you may have about the requirements and expectations.


Kalla Jaco

ASCA Executive Secretary

Kalla Jaco
Executive Secretary, Australian Shepherd Club of America
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