2023 Recipient of ASCA’s Junior Service Award

Dear ASCA Members,
We are thrilled to announce that Lennox Bogle has been honored as the recipient of this year’s ASCA Junior Service Award. Lennox’s exemplary commitment to the Australian Shepherd breed, her dedication to serving the dog community, and her unwavering spirit of sportsmanship have made her stand out among her peers.

The ASCA Junior Service Award is designed to celebrate ASCA Juniors who not only embody the spirit of good sportsmanship in competition but also actively contribute to the dog fancy, their local and National ASCA clubs, and their communities. Lennox’s achievements shine brightly in all these areas.

Nominated by Betsy Coleman, Lennox’s journey from conformation to her explorations into rally, obedience, agility, and dock jumping stands as a testament to her versatile talents and commitment. Her dedication and her ability to step out of her comfort zone, especially at such a young age, is truly commendable. Furthermore, Lennox’s contributions, both in terms of her active participation in various dog sports and her readiness to help in organizing and running trials, underscore the spirit of service that the award represents.

We invite our ASCA community to join us in celebrating Lennox’s achievements during the banquet at the 2023 ASCA National Specialty in Bryan, Texas. It is young enthusiasts like Lennox who give us confidence in a bright future for ASCA and the world of dog sports.

Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary