2023 Recipients of ASCA’s Libby Long Memorial Obedience Award

Dear ASCA Members,

We are pleased to announce that two exceptional junior handlers have been selected as the recipients of this year’s Libby Long Memorial Obedience Award. We congratulate both Ava Fischer and Emily Jossi for their outstanding participation in the ASCA obedience program and their profound commitment to the sport.

The Libby Long Memorial Obedience Award is a testament to the legacy of Donna Long and her obedience partner, Libby. This award recognizes the accomplishments of our promising next generation of obedience competitors, celebrating their dedication and encouraging further participation in ASCA obedience events.

Both Ava and Emily have demonstrated remarkable skills, perseverance, and passion. Ava’s personal essay highlighted the transformative power of obedience in her life, teaching her vital lessons that she applies every day. Her insights into finding multiple paths to a single destination, the importance of confidence, and the joy of passion-driven activities struck a chord with the selection committee.

Emily’s journey with her Australian Shepherds, particularly Spade and Sparrow, resonated with the core values of the award. Her dedication to the sport, combined with her learnings on consistency, hard work, dedication, and persistence, showcased her maturity and depth of understanding.

Their achievements serve as an inspiration to our ASCA community, reminding us all of the pivotal role of obedience in shaping not just competitors but well-rounded individuals.

We look forward to celebrating their accomplishments during the banquet at the 2023 ASCA National Specialty in Bryan, Texas. We hope many of you will join us in acknowledging and cheering for these young talents who represent the bright future of ASCA.