Affiliate Insurance

Below is information regarding Affiliate insurance and the Additional Insured Endorsement:The proper procedure is for the Affiliate to contact the Business Office and request that both the Affiliate and the facility where the event is to be held be named as co-insureds during the event. Ray then contacts ASCA’s general liability carrier which issues a binder covering both the Affiliate and the facility. It is important that the Affiliates be made aware that coverage is not automatic, but must be requested on each occasion that the Affiliate puts on an event. That is because the policy is written to ASCA and not to the Affiliate.When a venue requires they be NAMED as an additional insured, and wants a copy of the endorsement that shows their name, there is an additional fee of $50. If they are happy being INCLUDED as an additional insured under the blanket additional insured endorsement, then there is no additional cost.

The Affiliates also need to be made aware that ASCA’s general liability policy does not cover personal injury incurred by a participant, such as a fall in the ring. Such coverage is available to the Affiliates by specialty insurers at reasonable cost. If a query is made to the Business Office, Ray refers the Affiliate to Sportsmen’s Insurance (, a company which insures several Affiliates, ASCA’s broker, Catto & Catto, LLP, in San Antonio, or their own insurance broker.

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