Agility FYI For exhibitors

Thinking about trying ASCA agility? You will find ASCA trials relaxed and friendly. We welcome all breeds and mixes. Don’t hesitate to ask the judge if you have any questions.

A few things to remember:

Your dog can’t wear a collar when running.

Nice training is permitted – you may pet and touch your dog when in training mode, but no toys or food in the ring. You will have up to Standard Course Time (SCT) to train, then you must leave the ring when your time is up.

Your dog does not need to be registered with ASCA to compete, however if you want your qualifying scores tracked for titles, you will need a tracking number. ASCA registered Aussies have their ASCA registration number – all other dogs (including Aussies registered with other registries) need to apply for a Tracking number.

Applications for Tracking numbers can be found on the website or by asking the Trial Secretary at the competition.

If you have a height card from AKC or NADAC, you can use it to verify your jump height. Include a copy with your entry or show it to the Trial Secretary when checking in. If you have no height card, your dog will be measured at the trial to insure it’s jumping the correct height.

If you don’t want to jump your dog at full height, ASCA’s ACE program will let you jump 4” lower and receive more time to qualify.