ASCA Data Collection and Sharing Policy

As part of the normal business procedures, ASCA may share your personal data, including name and membership id, email address or other contact information, and names of dogs you have registered, to other individuals who are involved with your dog-related activities.  For example, your information may be searchable as an owner within a registry database of dog lineage. Likewise the names of owners of dogs that win ASCA competitions are typically made public. In such situations, it is the availability of the information that itself provides value to you and other members/dog owners. The sharing of such information allows ASCA to fulfill its mission of promoting the breed.

By default ASCA attempts to only share data that is required to process a particular transaction (such as a competition registration) and only with the individual(s) that is/are a part of that transaction. The same is true as to completion of a particular activity, such as publishing the award name, winning dog name, owner name(s), and a photograph, for competition outcomes.

ASCA attempts to only collect data that is required to perform its duties and responsibilities.  ASCA does not share personal data with any services or organizations unless it is a direct requirement to fulfill ASCA services.

ASCA regularly publishes contact information for ASCA-approved Judges and ASCA Affiliate Club officers.  You can request to opt-out of listing your personal data through the ASCA Web Portal under your personal profile.  Please be aware that contact information may be required if you are an ASCA Judge or an Affiliate Officer in order to fulfill your responsibilities.