ASCA National Specialty 2022 FAQ/News

ASCA National Specialty

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2022 Nationals Conformation Schedule

2022 Nationals Agility Schedule

 Wednesday a.m.
      Elite Regular 1
      Novice Gamblers 1 and 2
  Wednesday p.m.
       Open Gamblers 1 and 2
        Elite Regular 2
  Thursday a.m.
        Novice Regular 1 and 2
         Elite Gamblers 1
  Thursday p.m.
         Elite Gamblers 2
         Open Regular 1 and 2
  Friday a.m.
         Elite Jumpers 1
         Novice Jumpers 1 and 2
  Friday p.m.
          Open Jumpers 1 and 2
          Elite Jumpers 2

Elite classes will always take the full morning or afternoon time slot (approx. 3.5 hours), while Novice and Open classes will split the morning or afternoon time slots in half.  One judge will always judge Round 1 or Round 2 of Elite while the other judge is overseeing the Novice or Open classes in the other active ring.

2022 Nationals Obedience Schedule