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Election dates to remember:
May 15 – All member ballots will be sent.
June 1 – contact the Business Office if you have not received your ballot by this date!
July 15 – all completed ballots are due online or in the hands of the receiver (not postmarked).
All candidates will be notified of the results by July 20. As soon as each candidate has acknowledged receipt, the results will be shared with the membership. Published results will list each candidate with the number of votes received. Official notice of voting results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the ASCA National Specialty.
Tanya JohnsonI am passionate and devoted to the Australian Shepherd. I have been involved in the breed for over 20 years and feel it is time to give back a bit to the club I love. I want to ensure that ASCA stay financially solvent and even have money to invest into our future. I believe ASCA has a responsibility to the Australian Shepherd breed, and I look forward to being able to collaborate and work with my fellow directors to keep ASCA and the Australian Shepherd for the future.
Allison LuttermanI am wiling and able to see all points of views and work together as a group to solve issues that may arise. The BOD is responsible for the direction of the organization and its very important to have people on the BOD whom remain consistent to the breed standard.
Ann McCabeI feel I have been and would continue to be an asset to the Board because of my experience and active participation in (most) ASCA programs. I have dedicated the last 12 years to ASCA and the Australian Shepherd. I bring a significant amount of knowledge about many different titling programs in ASCA. I have been a science teacher for over 30 years and I have the ability to think critically and analyze all sides of a topic in addition to working with many different types of people and personalities.
Jodie McLellanI have been involved with ASCA since I was 13 years old and have participated in conformation, agility, obedience, and rally. I love this club and what it has given to me. I am also a business owner and a financial advisor who understands what it means to both stabilize an existing business and push it to grow in new areas. My qualifications uniquely situate me to be a continued asset to the ASCA board of directors and I would be honored to serve.
Sandra TungMy strong problem solving skills, the ability to nurture strong working relationships and the ability to deliver results play a very significant part in my success. I love the breed and want to contribute to preserving and promoting the Australian Shepherd as an intelligent working dog and serve the ASCA membership.
Rachel VestI work well with diverse groups and within team environments; I possess good communication skills; I am accomplishment driven with an excellent business/work ethic; I am a long-term ASCA member who believes that the BOD sets the tone for the organization by being transparent and open to the Membership.
DiAnna WilliamsI possess 45 years of Business Management experience including 20 years’ experience in the legal profession. Often when presented with difficult situations I possess the ability to resolve issues and disputes quickly and efficiently utilizing Rules and Procedures. While being an Officer or Board Member of Affiliate Clubs during the Nationals I sat on the Board and aided in the quick resolution of complaints. I pride myself in not dwelling on the problem but finding the solution. My experience in conflict resolution while employed by various law firms has provided me the capability to communicate with diverse personalities.
Tanya JohnsonAs a member of the Board of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), my primary goal will be to contribute to the betterment of the organization and the Australian Shepherd breed. Since this would be my inaugural term I would join as an active listener and then jump in where I feel my thoughts would be best suited. I have spent many years playing in ASCA’s venues and I hope to be able to combine my appreciation for our organization’s venues and my work ethic to build our clubs strengths into a strong future. I hope to be a fair and transparent voice for the membership.
Allison LuttermanI hope to help ASCA remain financially stable but also encourage new members to join and provide a fresh outlook.
Ann McCabeI will continue to bring the members’ concerns to the board. I feel that is one of the most important jobs of the board, to listen to and act in the best interests of its members. I have usually been the first to respond to many members' concerns over the last 3 years. I attend shows and trials 2 to 3 weekends a month. I know what is happening and I hear members' concerns and complaints. A membership that feels they have a stake and a voice in ASCA will continue to strengthen the club.
Jodie McLellanASCA needs to be more proactive in their approach to growth, financial security, and the continued success of the Australian Shepherd as a versatile working dog. I was appointed to the Board in the summer of 2023 and assumed the treasurer position in November. I am working to achieve better returns on our accounts, track our income/expenses against the budget, improve the benefits for our office staff, and create a better overall membership experience. We have come through a major financial upheaval and there is still much to be done. This includes funding for our computer system and proactively communicating with members and affiliate clubs.
Sandra TungI decided that rather than voicing my opinions from the outside, I will put my name down instead and get a seat at the table with a fresh perspective. I am not a breeder and I have no personal agenda to push. I don’t belong to any caucus and my allegiance is to the dogs and the people that love them. I love my Australian Shepherds and enjoy training/working with them in multiple sports and venues. I hope to provide a fresh perspective to the board and participate in thoughtful discussion of matters of importance to the organization and its membership.If elected. I will work hard to make things better with my fellow board of directors. I vow to be open minded and listen to all sides before making a decision.
Rachel VestTo remain neutral and open to guidance from the Finance and lT Committees in order to assist ASCA with continued financial stability and how the system upgrade can be continued in a financially feasible manner.
DiAnna WilliamsASCA is well on its way to Financial Solvency. I hope to participate in continuing a sound financial path for its’ future. Review business practices and policies of ASCA to ensure ASCA’s solvency and future growth. Lastly, for ASCA to be a stable parent club the Affiliates and Membership can proud and rely on.
Tanya JohnsonI am aware that ASCA is trying to get our tax-exempt status changed to where we will be able to make more money as a club with less restrictions. This will be a great advantage to the club and I would gladly assist with fundraising efforts.
Allison LuttermanI helped found and am vice president of the OFKYASC affiliate club. I am familiar with all of the fine details of running my own business and a farm successfully for several years.
Ann McCabeI am known for my organizational abilities, critical thinking, and attention to detail. I have been asked by numerous ASCA Affiliates to run their obedience, Rally, Stockdog, and agility trials as well as conformation shows. I have been using databases for trial entries and results for a number of years now. I have assisted the ASCA Business Office in developing and implementing paperless sanctioning and results.
Jodie McLellanASCA is a business and in running a business, you need strong management and business planning. As a manager, I make decisions daily that will benefit my company and my employees. As a financial advisor, I excel at stabilizing the current situation while keeping an eye on future growth. And, as a small business owner, I know how to get up early, stay late and work hard. I look forward to bringing these abilities to ASCA.
Sandra TungComing from a modest background, my parents have instilled in me the importance of learning, self-reliance and setting goals. I am a very goal-oriented person with a passion for new ideas and a desire to achieve excellent outcomes in everything that I do. All of these skills and experiences are ones I hope to draw on as I serve on the ASCA Board of Directors.
Rachel VestI have a strong business background that will support ASCA's diverse membership while assisting with a plan for future financial growth.
DiAnna WilliamsWhether ASCA is a 501(c)7 or 501(c)4, as I believe it is now, my business acumen will aid me in assisting the board to make sound financial decisions and future growth. While ASCA is classified as a “not for profit” business, it is still a business and should be operated as such.
Tanya JohnsonI would like to see ASCA continue be the preeminent registry that it is. By offering services and products that our membership wants and events that people want to attend, we build a strong foundation for our future. Beyond sharing my unique skills with the board, I also want to work with and communicate with the membership to the best of my ability.
Allison LuttermanI would like to see ASCA preserve the breed standard and also bring in new members to help ASCA grow. ASCA needs to improve its image while being able to merge into the technology age.
Ann McCabeI would like to see ASCA continue to grow as a breed registry, as well as a performance program for all breeds. I think ASCA continues to strengthen its financial position. I will work to regain the membership's trust in ASCA’s financial future. We need to promote ASCA membership and work to enhance member benefits. I will use my excellent problem solving skills to contribute to the development and implementation of programs to accomplish these things.
Jodie McLellanGrowth. ASCA’s members are our lifeblood, and member benefits need to be improved to both take care of our current membership and reach new members.
To start, we must complete our computer project which benefits all levels of ASCA. From our office staff and their ability to complete their work in a timely fashion, to new programs, and especially to our members who deserve faster and easier access to information.
In the past, communication from the Board to the committees, affiliates and members has been a reactionary process and shifting to a proactive mindset is a must. Utilizing all our tools will be important, but especially with the Aussie Times, printed version.
Sandra TungI respect all program committees for their dedication of time and expertise within each of their programs. I will carefully consider each program committee motions put forward. If expert opinions of program committees are not valued and are overwritten by the Board, there needs to be really good reasons for such a decision.
I will work on initiatives to get general membership to be more involved with better communications, so members are more engaged with ASCA and their voices are heard.
Rachel VestFor ASCA to remain as an organization that is inviting and supportive of the Membership. To provide venues that showcase the Australian Shepherd as a versatile working dog. To use survey tools to gain a better understanding of the Membership's vision for ASCA's future.
DiAnna WilliamsI would like to see ASCA continue its commitment to upgrading the computer system to better assist its membership. To continue to promote and support the various venues to showcase the versatile Australian Shepherd that it is. To continually review ASCA’s Strategic Plan and assess ASCA’s performance to reach those goals outlined in the Plan.
Tanya JohnsonI am used to working with and in a very diverse environment with a great variety of people from a great variance of backgrounds. In my job role I am skilled at determining items that are of a priority and those that are not and how best to document that. I believe effective communication to be an important aspect of maintaining a business. I believe in continuous learning and empowering others to their best. As to committee work, I was on the DNA committee for many years. I have also volunteered for numerous committees and been a designee for Boeing.
Allison LuttermanI raised the ducks for the 2023 nationals. I have applied for numerous ASCA committees.
Ann McCabeI have served as liaison to the Junior, Scent Detection, Obedience, and Legislative committees. While I was Junior committee liaison, we implemented new rules for donations and awards for the junior program so the accomplishments of our juniors can be acknowledged for years to come. As Scent Detection liaison, we brought the program from a working idea to the final stages of implementation. I was a member of the Obedience and Rally committees. While on these committees, I worked on numerous motions and changes to rules. I worked with the Rally committee on the ASCA Rally pamphlet. I was the co-chair for the 2019 Obedience Nationals and Finals and the chair of the 2021 and 2022 Obedience Nationals and Finals.
Jodie McLellanBesides my time on the board, I have not been a part of any committee at the national level. I have a great deal of experience working in group settings where there are many opinions being shared. I know how to listen to others’ perspectives and articulate my own ideas while working on a consensus that benefits everyone.
Sandra TungCurrently serving on the ASCA Scent Detection Program committee with thoughtful contribution for the development of the program and have played an instrumental role in getting the program ready for June 2024 launch. I am eloquent and level-headed in discussions and am well respected by my peers.
Rachel VestServed 3 terms on the BOD. Served 2 terms on the SDC. Served as CD for 2000 Natls. Served on the 2021 Natls Committee. Served as Chair of the 2022 Natls. Currently serving on the 2023 Natls Committee. Have been accepted for the 2024 Natls Committee. Currently serving on the National Advisory Committee.
DiAnna WilliamsI was President of Central Valley Australian Shepherd Club at the time it hosted the 2012 Nationals. At the 2012 Nationals I was the National Entry Clerk and Conformation Finals Chair. CVASC again hosted the 2019 ASCA Nationals in which I was the Vendor Chair and the Conformation Finals Chair. While President of Gold Country Australian Shepherd Club we had the honor of hosting two National Conformation Pre-Shows in 2018 and 2019.
Tanya JohnsonI have held every top office in ASCofWA, except for treasurer. I have been Show Secretary often for the club and used to host shows 1-2 times per year. I am currently a Quality Inspector team leader for Boeing. I have held Management and supervisory roles in my past careers.
Allison LuttermanI have been Vice President of the OFKYASC affiliate club since its acceptance date into ASCA.
Ann McCabeI am the Affiliate Representative for Tri-County ASWA. I have been show coordinator, agility trial chair, and obedience, Rally, and Stockdog trial secretary for Tri-County including a Nationals Rally pre-trial. I have been trial secretary for obedience and Rally trials for Delta Australian Shepherd Fanciers. I have been a show secretary for numerous conformation shows for Lakeside ASC and for Ocean View ASC.
Jodie McLellanI have been a member of the Rock River Valley Australian Shepherd club and in my time with them, I have served as a director and Vice President. Additionally, I have been a show secretary, ring steward and clean-up crew. Our club hosted two nationals (2006 & 2011) where I was the conformation chair and entry clerk.
Sandra TungI have been a member of ASC of WA for years and participate in club events as a competitor and volunteer. I show good sportsmanship and am kind to my fellow exhibitors and my canine partners. I volunteer and help as much as I can.
Rachel Vest2nd Vp for the ASCA BOD for L term. President of GAASC for 1 term. VP and BOD member for GAASC for several years. SEASC member.
DiAnna WilliamsCentral Valley Australian Shepherd Club – President for 3 years and Board Member for approximately 12 of the 15 years membership. Multiple Show/Trial Secretary and/or Ring Steward

Gold Country Australian Shepherd Club – President for 4 years., Show Coordinator, Show Secretary and Ring Steward.