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The following members are running for a position on the ASCA Board of Directors in this year’s election:

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Election dates to remember:
May 1 – foreign member ballots will be mailed.
May 15 – U.S. member ballots will be mailed.
June 1 – contact the Business Office if you have not received your ballot by this date!
July 15 – all completed ballots are due online or in the hands of the receiver (not postmarked).
All candidates will be notified of the results by July 20. As soon as each candidate has acknowledged receipt, the results will be shared with the membership. Published results will list each candidate with the number of votes received. Official notice of voting results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the ASCA National Specialty.
Judy BooneI work hard and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out or find someone who does.
David ClaytonI am heavily invested in ASCA as both a member, stockdog judge and senior breeder judge. I have been on the ASCA board, chaired the breed standard revision committee and have been president, vice president and board member of ASCA affiliate clubs. I have put many shows and stockdog trials over the years. Currently my wife and I host at least one stockdog a year and often we also have conformation. My wife and I have concentrated on keeping the Aussie a versatile working dog and participate in many venues. We have a Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel and have qualified for the Stockdog Kennel of Excellence. I believe that my years of dedication to the breed serving in clubs and the knowledge obtained as a judge, trainer, and exhibitor of Aussies for over 40 years is a benefit ASCA.
Russ FordI am a business executive with more than 40 years’ experience. I have served twice previously on the ASCA Board of Directors. I am a lifetime member since 1978.
Lynda HardinMy 27 years of experience in accounting management is complemented by 34 years as a breeder of Australian Shepherds. The Goldstar kennel has always had a goal of producing correct conformation dogs while maintaining the working instinct. While my focus has been in the Conformation ring as a Senior Breeder Judge, I never left my concern about the working ability of the true Australian Shepherd. I believe my background with livestock, as well as in the business world will help us stay on track with our mission statement of “maintaining the integrity of the registry and preserving and promoting the Australian Shepherd as an intelligent working dog with strong herding instinct.”.
Tanya JohnsonI would consider myself an asset to the ASCA BOD, because I have extensive knowledge working within a financially driven organization to meet goals. My current corporate background and knowledge of business practices will allow me to interact with potential enterprises and bring what is most valuable back to the ASCA. My Quality training will allow me to scrutinize information and define effective means of setting that information into place within our organization.
Rachel VestI have the ability to work well with diverse groups and within team environments, I possess good communication skills; I am accomplishment driven with an'excellept business/work ethic; I am a long-term ASCA member who believes that the BOD sets the tone for the organization by being transparent and open to the Membership.
Jillian WardI believe I would be an asset to the ASCA BOD. I have both business knowledge and have been an active participant throughout ASCA as a judge, exhibitor, breeder and affiliate member. I understand the needs to run a business successfully and have a great capacity to problem solve.
Judy BooneI hope to see ASCA gain financial security and stability for the future.
David ClaytonI hope to help ASCA stabilize and develop a path to a secure a sound future that supports the breed as a versatile working dog.
Russ FordI plan to get ASCA back on sound financial footing where it was when I served previously as ASCA President.
Lynda HardinI hope to help ASCA become financially sound with a well-defined long-term goal. I hope to encourage ASCA members to stay up to date and engaged with what the BOD are working on, as well as to work together to maintain our Breed to be the dogs they were created to be and showcase them as such.
Tanya JohnsonAs this would be my first serving term, I would join as an active listener and then jump in where opportunities arise to better serve the club and our membership. I have spent many years playing in ASCA’s venues, and I hope to be able to combine my appreciation for our organization and my work ethic to build up our club’s strengths and lead us into the future.
Rachel VestTo remain neutral and open to guidance from the Finance and lT Committee in order to assist ASCA with regaining financial stability.
Jillian WardAt this juncture, ASCA needs strong, capable people to manage the BOD on behalf of its membership. My goal is to help the BOD navigate through the existing challenges which will bring ASCA to a point of streamlined operations as well as a profit status.
Judy BooneRight now, I’m not sure what is necessary! But, I posses the ability to work with others, to finish tasks I am assigned and to bring a different perspective as I often see things differently than others.
David ClaytonIn addition to 40+ years of being active in Aussies as described above I manage a 77 million Landscape Restoration Program. I am a certified contract manager for the state of Florida. I develop the budget and manage contracts for 1.2 million dollars a year. I develop scopes, invitations to bid, manage contracts and consultants as well as staff. I have managed difficult contractors and held them to State of Florida Standards. Our program is audited annually and have had no comments on our program. I also negotiate mitigation projects and permits with the Army Corps of Restoration, Federal Agencies and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. I make sure our projects are successful and exceed permit requirements and that the wetland and upland restorations are successful.
Russ FordI have served as National President of several Nonprofits and am now an executive with a $100 mil per year engineering firm. I have also served as an elected official and have budgeted a $300 million dollar annual budget.
Lynda HardinI’ve been in the accounting field for over 27 years, in charge of creating and maintaining the General Ledger and timely entry of all Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functions. I’ve implemented new accounting software for my company 3 times, completely revamping the account structure each time to better fit the needs of the growing company. ASCA needs an overhaul of their Chart of Accounts for complete transparency of each program in ASCA to see where the actual income and expenses are coming from.
Tanya JohnsonI have led a club from the affiliate level and have organized numerous events. I have a solid understanding of the daily ins and outs of club management. I hope in this first term to be able to build on those skills and adapt them to a more global aspect.
Rachel VestI have a strong business background that will support ASCA's diverse membership while helping to develop a plan for future financially solvency.
Jillian WardRegardless of ASCA’s structure, a non-profit or otherwise, a club needs structure, sage management and an overall understanding of the membership in which it serves. I have and currently manage several companies in full capacity. My oversight abilities make me a well-rounded candidate for a BOD seat.
Judy BooneTo update the technology so many processes can be done electronically ( registrations, etc), be fiscally and financially stable for the future and foster an informed and communicative membership.
David ClaytonI would like ASCA to be financially stable into the future and continue to meet the memberships needs. I would also like ASCA to be better known into the future.
Russ FordI plan to help ASCA make sound business decisions based on business experience. Having watched the ASCA board make business decisions based on experience in a Government job has gotten us to a position of near Bankruptcy. A sound business plan and a Strategic plan will get us back on course. We must run our club on sound financial advice.
Lynda HardinI’d like to see ASCA run as a business with ongoing growth in mind. We must keep the ASCA Mission Statement in the forefront of every Director’s agenda. The working instinct of our Australian Shepherds should be solidly supported by their structural integrity as per our Breed Standard. The sanctioned events that support this Mission Statement should be prioritized in the direction for financial stability of ASCA.
Tanya JohnsonI would like to see the ASCA continue to be the preeminent registry that it is. By offering venues and programs that people want to attend we can achieve our financial goals. By offering services and products that people want, we can also build towards the future. Beyond sharing my unique skills, I am able to work with and proactively communicate with the membership and to help them understand the needs of our ASCA business and the decisions made to facilitate such, I do not have any personal aspirations.
Rachel VestFor ASCA to remain as an organization that is inviting and supportive of the membership To provide venues that showcase the Australian Shepherd as a versatile working dog. To use survey tools to gain a better understanding of the membership's vision for ASCA's future.
Jillian WardASCA should be run more like a business from a financial standpoint. Financial solvency is imperative for a well-functioning club. I would like to assist in making ASCA more profitable and therefore supplying the membership with a solid parent club for its affiliates. In my humble opinion, the ASCA BOD has been somewhat “emotional” and/or “reactive”. My desire is to see ASCA emerge solid and solvent.
Judy BooneASCA Agility Supervisor Judge
ASCA Agility Course Reviewer
Served as member and previous chair of the Agility Committee
Served one term as a Board Director
David ClaytonI am a past board member, member of the stockdog committee and current member of the conformation committee. I am past President of the Florida Australian Shepherd Club and past board member of same as well as the Southeast Australian Shepherd Club and a current board member of the Florida Pan Handlers ASC.
Russ Ford2 terms on the Board of Directors, President of ASCA, made the motion to centralize the business office and move it to Bryan, Tx
Lynda HardinWhile I have not previously held any positions on national level committees, I try to stay up to date with the projects they are working on.
Tanya JohnsonI have experience working with exceptionally diverse groups of people to bring about resolution to an often-complex situation. I am skilled at determining what items are of a priority and which others can be brought along in time or eliminated.
Rachel VestServed 3 terms on the BOD. Served several terms on the SDC. Served as CD for 2000 Natls. Served on the 2021 Natls Committee. Served as Chair of the 2022 Natls. Currently serving on the 2023 Natls Committee. Have been accepted for the 2024 Natls Committee. Currently serving on the National Advisory Committee.
Jillian WardAs a store owner (vendor), I have yet to participate at the National Level on a committee. As I grow as an ASCA member, I believe this is the time to step into that level and at the BOD level. I am a Senior Breeder Judge, HOFX Kennel, I own Day Of Show Products and handle my own dogs in ASCA. Should ASCA need my services at the National level, I am happy to assist where I can.
Judy Boonehave held all offices– President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Show Coordinator, Affiliate Rep. I have been a member of many different affiliates and helped form several affiliates.

Personally, I have trialed and titled in Stock, Conformation, Agility, Rally and Obedience. I bought my first Aussie in 1980 from Twin Oaks and registered my kennel in 1993.I have bred and shown Aussies to their WTCH, RTCH, CH, SVCH, Elite Agility and HOF Sire.

I am an ASCA soul. I can’t sit back and do nothing when my club is in trouble. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and running for the Board.
David ClaytonI am past President of the Florida Australian Shepherd Club and past board member of same as well as the Southeast Australian Shepherd Club and a current board member of the Florida Pan Handlers ASC.
Russ FordI was a founding member on 2 occasions of the Cen-Tex ASC. I served as President and as a board member on numerous occasions
Lynda HardinFor over 20 years I have held various offices including President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Director, in the Carolina Australian Shepherd Club, Tidewater Australian Shepherd Club, and Smoky Mountain Australian Shepherd Club. I’ve held a Show Coordinator position with Carolina ASC for many years and managed many shows.
Tanya JohnsonI have held every lead position within the Australian Shepherd Club of Washington, President, VP, Secretary and Board Member at Large, except Treasurer.
Rachel Vest2nd VP for the ASCA BOD for 1 term. President of GAASC for 1 term. VP and BOD members for GAASC for several years. SEASC BOD member
Jillian WardOver my membership with ASCA I have been a founding member of OVASC and GCASC. I established GCASC and am it’s current President. I have been members of both DASF & CVASC. I have participated in hosting 2 Nationals with CVASC as Sponsor Chair. I have hosted multiple Pre-Shows, Show Coordinator for GCASC, DASF & CVASC. I have held Treasurer, BOD, Show Coordinator, Ring Steward roles in all clubs.