Business Office

Business Office

ASCA Business Office
6091 E. State Hwy 21
Bryan, TX 77808
Phone (979) 778-1082
Fax (979) 778-1898
Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST, M-F

ASCA Business Office Manager
Ray Fryar (ext. 101)

ASCA Business Office Assistant Manager
Sarah Jackson


  • ASCA Registry – Tammy Johnson:
    For Individual Dog Registration Applications, Litters, Transfers, Pedigrees and Leases

    For Other Registry Registration and related Pedigree Research, or LEP’s contact Ray Fryar:
  • ASCA Membership & QT Numbers –
    Membership applications, renewals, change of address, and general membership inquiries
    QT Number Application processing and inquiries
  • ASCA Conformation &  Obedience -Misty Ryan:
     All Conformation shows, Conformation judges, Obedience shows and Obedience judges
     All forms and show results associated with the Conformation & Obedience
    Show sanctioning for Conformation and Obedience
  • ASCA Agility & Show Insurance – Sarah Jackson:
    All forms, show results, certificates, sanctioning and Judge information for Agility trials 

    Certificates of Insurance
  • Stockdog, Tracking, and Rally – Barbara Turcic:
    All forms, show results, certificates and sanctioning for Stockdog, Ranch & Farm Trials, Tracking Tests and Rally trials as well as Judge Information on Stockdog, Tracking, and Rally programs.
  • Hall of Fame, Affiliate Clubs & Kennel Names – Sarah Jackson:
    All Hall of Fame and Stockdog Kennel of Excellence, Affiliate Club matters, Kennel Name Registration and Kennel Listing inquiries.