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Frequent asked questions to the business office. If you can’t find your answer here, please contact the  ASCA Business Office.


How can I register my litter online?

To register a litter online, the primary owner of the dam must log into their member portal, locate the dam of the litter in their My Dogs tab, then select New Litter.  All owners of the sire and dam must have current email addresses on file to sign.  If you are registering a litter online associated with a Lease that was also submitted online, please wait until you receive email confirmation that the lease is complete before submitting your litter application, then log into your portal, go to Resources and click on My Leases to initiate the litter application process.  If you submit a Lease Agreement via mail or email, you cannot register the associated litter online and must also submit the Litter Application via mail or email.

How can I register my Aussie that I obtained from an ASCA breeder? (Both parents are ASCA registered as well as the litter)

If both parents of your dog are ASCA registered, your breeder must provide you with an Individual Dog Registration Application form to register your dog.  To register your dog online, the primary litter owner must release the digital version of that form to you.  Please contact your breeder to register your dog.

How can I register my Aussie from another registry organization? (One or both parents are not ASCA registered and no ASCA registration documents were provided by the breeder)

This type of registry is called Other Registry Registration and requires that your dog be registered with breeding rights in an organization with which ASCA holds an agreement, as well as trace back to 100% ASCA lineage.  Pedigree research can be performed prior to submitting an Other Registry Registration Application for an additional fee.  This type of registry service also requires DNA profiling which must be obtained through our partnering lab, Paw Print Genetics, and submitted with your application.  If you are a current ASCA member and are registered on the ASCA website, you may submit an application through your member portal by logging in, selecting REGISTER NEW DOG in your My Dogs tab and selecting Other Registry (must enter all fields and attach all required documents including DNA results as well as other organization’s registration certificate and pedigree).  For more information, please contact Ray Fryar at

How can I register a kennel name with ASCA?

You must have been a FULL (yearly or lifetime) member for the previous 5 consecutive years with no lapses (a lapse is when your membership remains expired for 6 months or longer).  If you meet the membership requirements, you can submit a Kennel Name Registration Application, also available through your member portal in your Resources tab.  Please also refer to the Current Kennel Listing to ensure the name you want to register is not too similar to another registered kennel name.  The kennel name you choose also cannot contain a registered kennel name (Ex: you may not register the phrase “Kennel Name” if “Kennel” is already registered), nor be a word/phrase already contained in a registered kennel name (Ex: you cannot register the word “Kennel” if the phrase “Kennel Name” is already registered).  Furthermore, we will not accept independent use of colors as kennel names, such as the word Blue or Red.


How do I apply for or renew my ASCA membership?

To apply for or renew membership online, CLICK HERE.  If you have ever been an ASCA member in the past, please do not apply for a new membership and if you do not recall your member ID#, please email and we can provide your old ID number to you before you renew online.  If you create a new membership, that account will not be tied to any of your registered dogs, litters, kennels, etc.  You may also apply for or renew your membership by submitting a Membership Application to

How do I register my membership online?

Go to the ASCA home page ( and click on Register under Member Login.  Please note that your last name and email address must match what is recorded in the ASCA database.

What is the difference between a Full Membership and a Service membership?

Service membership is a basic membership that does not come with voting privileges or the Aussie Times, and you must pay full price for our registry services.  We recommend Service membership for anyone who will rarely use our registry services and are not interested in the Aussie Times or voting privileges.
Full members receive extra benefits such as voting privileges (Board members are voted on once per year), 50% off the cost of registry services, and will receive the Aussie Times magazine for 1 year.  Full memberships include Single or Dual Yearly as well as Single or Dual Lifetime options.  The yearly Aussie Times subscription is not included in the Lifetime options, but can be added for an additional yearly fee; however, all full yearly and lifetime members have digital access to the Aussie Times (present and historical) in their member portal. Junior Memberships are free and will expire at the end of the show year in which the minor turns 18, and also includes full member rates for registry services.  Junior membership does not include the Aussie Times, but a subscription can be added for a yearly fee.

Why did my membership number change?

ASCA membership is on a numerical code system.  The first number in a membership ID indicates what type of membership you purchased.  If you switch from a Full membership to a Service membership, your number will change.  The following is a list of what the first digit in a membership ID represents:
1 – Single
2 – Dual
3 – Affiliate Club
4 – Junior
5 – Service
6 – Lifetime


If I’m competing in Open or Elite in the Standard division and I move to Veterans, do I have to start all over in Novice?

No, you do not have to start all over. You may continue in the Veterans division, where you left off in the Standard division.

I have earned the 100 points in Elite Gamblers and Jumpers and the 200 points in Regular Elite in order to complete my ATCH. Why do I not have my ATCH?

The Agility rules state that you must earn those points after the initial title is earned. This means that you actually have to earn 120 points in Elite Jumpers and Gamblers, and 230 points in Elite Regular. However, If you believe you have, in fact, received enough points and you still have not received an ATCH, please contact the Agility Coordinator.


How can I obtain show/trial points records for my dog?

In order to view a listing of all points for your dog, you must either log into your ASCA member portal, or email one of the Show/Trial Coordinators.
To log in, you must be a current member and have your membership registered online.
Go to ASCA Information Business Office page if you would like to email one of the Show/Trial Coordinators for your Show/Trial records.


I would like to compete in an ASCA trialing program, but my dog is not an Aussie or eligible for ASCA registration. How can I compete in ASCA trials?

You must remit a QT Number Application in order to compete in ASCA trials if your dog is not an Aussie and/or not fully ASCA registered, although ASCA’s Agility program does not require you to have a number to compete. A QT number will allow ASCA to record your scores and send certificates for titles earned.  You must be a current member to apply, therefore service membership at $10 is required for each owner who is not a current member and expires in one year.  The QT Number fee is $10 per dog and is in addition to the membership fee for the owner(s), but will never expire.  If an owner is submitting multiple QT Number applications, the service membership fee only needs to be paid once, then renewed each year if the owner so chooses or wishes to keep track of their dog’s scores in their member portal.