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Welcome to the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). We are excited to have your interest and hope to answer some of the most frequent questions we have been asked. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

ASCA Business Office
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Yes! We welcome all breeds and mixed breeds to participate in all events except conformation. This includes agility, dock jumping, junior showmanship, obedience, rally, stockdog and tracking events.

You do not need a QT number in order to compete in Agility, Stock or UAD events unless you want to earn ASCA titles.
You will need a QT number to enter an Obedience Trial, Rally Trial, Tracking Test or ASCA Sanctioned Dock Jumping.

Please see below, the FAQ’s on how to obtain a QT number.

For ASCA to issue title certificates, you must become a service member ($20) and then register your dog(s) – $20 each. There are two ways you can do that:

Mail in an application with your dog’s information:
QT Number & Service Membership App

Or online by first becoming a member:!/register/member

Once you are a member, register your membership on the website then log in.  Register a new dog using the “Register New Dog” button and select QT number. You will receive the number within a few days.

Yes, you must be a current member to use ASCA’s registry services, including QT numbers.  However, you do not need to renew your membership unless you would like to obtain another QT number for another dog after your membership has expired.

No, you will not need a QT number if your Australian Shepherd has already been registered with ASCA.  Please use your dog’s ASCA Registration ID# when entering ASCA events.

To find breeders near you, please contact your local ASCA Affiliate Club.  You will find our Affiliate Club listing at!/resources/clublist.  You may click on any President or Representative name to send an email to them, or call the phone numbers listed.

Click below for detailed instructions on filling out the Individual Dog Registration Application.


Individual Dog Registration Example

Your breeder must order a duplicate Individual Dog Registration Application from the Business Office using the Duplicate Individual Registration Application Request Form, located in our Rules & Forms section under Registry Forms.  We will send the duplicate to your breeder, who must sign the application and send it on to you.

We require a note of explanation from the breeder to make corrections to those forms.  You may have your breeder email you a note of explanation regarding the correction you need to make, then print that email out and attach it to the application for submission to the Business Office.  Your breeder may also write and sign a note for you to attach. Initialing a correction is not acceptable, but the breeder can sign next to the correction.  The Business Office will not accept these notes separate from the applications, so they must be attached to the application when it arrives to the Business Office.



To register a litter online, the primary owner/lessee of the dam must initiate the application by logging into their online account and finding the dam of the litter under the “My Dogs” tab.   They must then click the “New Litter” button under that female to begin the process.   Once the primary owner/lessee of the dam submits the application, the system will send emails to all other owners and co-owners of the sire and dam.   Those emails contain links specific to each individual person that they will need to use to electronically sign the document.   If the other owners of the sire/dam have their memberships registered on the ASCA website, they can also log in, go to Resources, then Signatures to sign any pending online documents.

*Each individual dam owner must set up an online account if they have not done so already. Two people cannot sign from one account, even if they are on a dual membership.   This rule applies to minors as well. A parent/guardian can create an online account for their minor child using their Junior Member ID# and sign for them unless that minor is capable of doing so themselves.

Once we have obtained all signatures, the litter will come through to the Business Office for approval.   If we are awaiting DNA results, the litter application will be pending until those results are received and recorded by the office.


**NOTICE: We will still send out paper applications in case you have buyers who do not wish to register their puppies online; however, please be sure to destroy the corresponding paper application for any puppies registered online so that you do not accidentally try to register the same puppy twice.

After the litter is approved by the office, the primary owner of the dam/litter will be able to log into their account and will see that litter in their “My Litters” tab.   They can click on the Litter ID# to open that litter and will see buttons next to each puppy.   The “Register” button will register a puppy back to everyone listed as breeders.   The “Release” button will allow you to release a puppy to a buyer.   Each puppy will be listed by sex and color, so be careful to select the correct puppy, as we are NOT able to correct the released puppy info once it has been done.  The Business Office is not able to view or correct the email address of a buyer that a breeder releases an online puppy application to, so be sure to double check the email address of your buyer before proceeding.

Keep in mind that when you release a puppy to a buyer, ALL other litter and kennel owners must also electronically sign off to release that puppy to that buyer, so those co-owners will receive emails to sign for each puppy release.   This is the same requirement that we have on the paper forms.   Since any given litter/kennel owner may receive several emails for signatures, be sure to add to your safe senders’ list.  You may also log into your member portal, go to Resources and click Signatures to view and sign any pending online documents.

Please keep in mind that online registration is not available for puppies out of litters that were not registered online.   The litter must have been registered online in order to register the puppies online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.