Mandatory Spay Neuter Legislation


The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) is opposed to any legislation, regulation, or lobbying efforts whose actions result in a mandate requiring the spay or neuter of privately owned animals. Castration (neuter) and ovariohysterectomy/hysterectomy (spay) are major surgical operations and affect the well-being of the animal for the duration of its lifespan. This should be an informed decision made by private individuals and not by any governmental agency.

Mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) legislation is promoted by groups (usually animal rights, but sometimes well-intentioned but ill-informed community groups) who believe it will cure shelter over-crowding and euthanasia, the abandonment of animals, and pet “over-population”.

Talking Points

  • Low cost spay/neuter clinics available to the general public are much more effective than MSN legislation which unfairly targets lower income pet owners.
  • MSN in no way addresses the problem of pet retention. The primary reasons for pets being surrendered to shelters are behavioral problems, health problems – of owner or animal, and lack of time. None of these are affected by MSN.
  • There is a large and ever-growing body of scientific data indicating that the long-term effects of spay/neuter, and pediatric spay/neuter in particular, are not overwhelmingly beneficial to the animal – in fact, quite the contrary in many cases.
  • In jurisdictions where MSN has been enacted, it has led to increased shelter intakes, increased costs for animal control, and reduced licensing compliance with a concomitant reduction in rabies vaccinations, a potentially serious public health issue.

Links to information on MSN

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