Aussie Times

The Aussie Times is the bi-monthly newsletter of the ASCA membership. It is professionally produced in magazine format including color photos, with current information on ASCA events and clubs, as well as informative articles and advertisements.

You can receive a single copy for the cost of production and postage by contacting the ASCA Business Office. There are also a limited number of back issues of the Aussie Times available for purchase. Contact the ASCA Business Office for a list of the available issues.  Subscriptions are only available to ASCA members.

The Aussie Times is also available to our members online. Log in to view the online Aussie Times. The online library has magazines dated from the 1960’s for our member’s viewing pleasure. The Aussie Times is always looking for interesting, entertaining, educational, and/or informative items relating to the breed.

Please contact the editor with anything you wish to share!

Cynthia Moorhead, Editor, Aussie Times
2639 Windermere Woods Dr. • Bloomington, IN 47401
Tel. (812) 336-1714/(812) 855-4197

Aussie Times Advertising Information including prices and guidelines.
Aussie Times Advertisement Online Payment

Who gets the covers?
JANUARY/FEBRUARY, theme shall be Junior and Merit Program results. The cover shall be the National Finals Best Junior Handler. The Reserve Best Junior Handler shall be given a color full page inside the issue.
MARCH/APRIL theme shall be ASCA National Specialty Results, the front cover shall be the National Specialty MVA winner
MAY/JUNE theme shall be Obedience. The cover shall be the Super Dog Finals Winner with the remaining three Obedience Finals winners each given a color full page inside the issue.
JULY/AUGUST theme shall be Stock Dog. The Stock Dog Cattle Finals winner shall be on the cover. The other two winners (if different dogs than the Cattle Finals winner) will each receive a color full page inside the issue.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER theme shall be Agility. The Standard Division Agility Finals winner shall be on the cover. The Veterans and Junior Finals winner shall receive a full color page inside.
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER theme shall be Conformation. The cover shall be the dog with the highest number of points from either the intact or altered Merit lists. An inside page will be given to the dog with the highest number of points from the other Merit list.

The following is the time table as it relates to the Aussie Times.

Issue Issue Theme Deadline
Mar-Apr Nationals Jan 15
May-Jun Obedience Mar 15
July-Aug Stockdog May 15
Sept-Oct Agility July 15
Nov-Dec Conformation Sept 15
Jan-Feb Junior and Merit Winners Nov 15