Transition to Paw Prints Genetics – FAQ

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ASCA members will order the tests directly from Paw Print Genetics (PPG). There is a release form that is provided both on the ASCA website as well as Paw Print website. This must be completed and returned to PPG to allow PPG to release the test results to ASCA. As long as you have submitted the authorization release form to PPG, once completed, your results will be automatically transferred to ASCA.

To get started all you need to do is place your order on their website or call them, toll free, 1-855-202-4889 and they can help you with your order. There must be an order placed before sending them any samples. **In addition, the completed and signed authorization form must accompany the samples.** Any dogs involved in a dual or multi-sired breeding can be sent to PPG now. For those parentage verifications, you will need to place an order prior to sending in the samples. Include the completed and signed ASCA authorization form so that PPG knows to send your results to the ASCA office.

First generation dogs tested with PPG will be DNA- CP, unless both parents are submitted for testing in addition to the individual dog or the parents have already been tested with PPG. To receive DNA-VP status for dogs being tested at PPG, a sample for the parents must be submitted and the offspring must match them.

A DNA Profile is a ‘fingerprint’ of the dog’s DNA. This DNA Profile is unique to a single dog and can identify that dog if lost or stolen or can be used for future Parentage verification. A DNA Profile should be ordered on a single dog that has not yet been registered, but both parents were DNA profiled through Therion. Parentage Verification uses the same markers that are used for the DNA Profile but takes those ‘fingerprints’ that have been generated and compares the pups to the dam and sire(s). Parentage should be order if the parents were not tested through Therion or if you are wanting to register the litter. For either DNA Profiling or Parentage verification, you will need to submit the authorization form with the samples and then PPG will release your results to the ASCA Business Office.

No. All dogs previously tested with another ASCA approved lab will retain their VP or CP status.

If you just want an individual dog’s DNA entered into the database, you will need to order the DNA profile test which is $49.00. If you test a dog and both parents, you will order the DNA parentage test, which requires one dam, one or more sires and one or more pup. Cost is $30.00 for each test, one per dam, per sire and per pup.

When you do a parentage test with Paw Print Genetics, possible results are verified or disqualified for the parents. In either case, a certificate is generated and, if the order includes the ASCA release form, the results will be sent to the ASCA office by PPG. In the past, ASCA has worked with all parties to ensure the pedigree is corrected. Often other dogs may have to be DNA tested to identify and verify the parents.

Yes. PPG has a great customer service team. They are there to help ASCA members with any questions and/or problems.

ASCA’s contract with PPG is effective 9/1/2020. However, dual or multi-sired litters can be sent to PPG prior to 9/1/2020.

PPG and Certagen are working together to create a seamless testing experience with our members. PPG has allowed Certagen to use their parentage markers for testing ASCA dogs. Certagen will continue to accept samples from European customers and send results to the ASCA Business Office.

Transfer of ownership is not required. However, for the parentage order to be placed, all dogs (dam, sire(s) and pup(s)) must be in the same account. Therefore, PPG needs to temporarily transfer a dog between accounts just long enough for the parentage order to be placed. ASCA members will have a release that they must send with each sample to allow PPG to use the DNA profile for parentage testing. This will allow PPG to compare a dog against the parents regardless of ownership of the parents. In cases for which ASCA dogs have had a previous DNA profile with PPG or was tested in a previous parentage analysis by PPG and the authorization form is on file with PPG for those dogs, additional owner permission will not be required to do the temporary transfer so that a parentage order can be placed. If the authorization form has not been received by PPG for any dog, permission from the owner will be required before any transfer or order can be placed.

Correct, you will need a sample from the dam if you wish to verify parentage. However, ASCA does not require Verified Parentage, at this time, for individual dog registrations. ASCA’s DNA requirement is that the sire and dam of a litter must be DNA profiled prior to registration of the litter. For dogs whose parents were previously tested by Therion, you need only to order a DNA Profile on your older dog that you now want to use for breeding.

If the breeding dog has not been DNA profiled then a sample will be required, and the dog must receive a DNA profile before a litter can be registered. If you wish the offspring to be matched to the parents (breeding dogs) for VP status, then the breeding dogs will need to be tested with the new lab. This can be done as part of a parentage verification order. The dam, sire, and all pups can be verified using parentage. DNA profiles are not needed if you are testing the dam sire and pup(s) for parentage verification.

The current markers are extremely outdated.

No. PPG’s preferred method is cheek swabs. PPG will send you collection kits for each dog or pup in the order. They will also accept tails, dew claws and semen for DNA analysis. Contact PPG for information on submitting tails, dew claws and semen for analysis.

PPG will ship kits to Canada but will charge for shipping. Canadian (and U.S.) customers can use their own swabs. PPG will accept a large variety of sample types and swabs. When placing the order, customers have the option to skip the kit shipping step. Most Canadian customers find it convenient to use the GUM brand G0-Between swabs that can be found at most Target, Walmart, and drug stores. However, they are small and so to get enough sample, people should send us 4-5 per dog. For each swab, insert between the cheek and gum, press gently to the outside, rub and roll for a slow count of 30. Repeat with the other swabs. They can put all used swabs from the same dog into the same clean envelope or plastic bag labeled with the dog’s name and their order number. Here is a link to the GUM swabs: <a href=””></a> When placing the order, all customers have the option to skip the kit shipping step.

No, PPG does not ship kits to Europe. However, customers can use their own swabs. PPG will accept a large variety of sample types and swabs. When placing the order, customers have the option to skip the kit shipping step. The other option for European customers is to go through Certagen.