Finding An Aussie

Finding an Aussie

Puppies, especially Australian Shepherd puppies, are nearly irresistible. If you are considering purchasing or rescuing an Australian Shepherd, we hope the following pages will help you with this important decision.

Be sure to take the time to consider whether this busy, intelligent breed is compatible with your lifestyle. Aussies are loyal, exceptional companions that are devoted and protective of their family. If you’ve made the decision to acquire an Aussie you may need to find a breeder. Finding a breeder will give you information on where to buy an Aussie, what to expect price wise and what you should ask and expect from your breeder and lastly what the breeder will expect from you. After you have found a reputable breeder you then need to decide on which sex and age, and formulate some idea about whether you want a companion, a working dog, a show dog or a performance dog. Many Aussies excel in multiple venues but one thing is for certain – they all need a job to keep the mind and body engaged in constructive pursuits. If you decide to participate in rescue, the Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpful (ARPH) serves hundreds of Aussies each year and is always in need of people willing to foster.

If you decide to purchase or foster an Aussie be sure to savor the excellent adventure of life shared with an Aussie!