Bid for 2024 Nationals Logo Artist

Request for Bid for the Creation of the Logo for the 2024 ASCA National Specialty

Purpose: This Request for Bid is your invitation to submit a bid for the creation of the 2024 ASCA National Specialty logo, in accordance with the requirements below. We hope that you will consider submitting a bid.

Background: The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) was established as the parent club for the breed in 1957. Today we are the largest independent breed-specific club in the United States. Aussies were originally bred to be stockdogs and the mission of the Australian Shepherd Club of America, in addition to maintaining the integrity of its registry, is to preserve and promote the Australian Shepherd as an intelligent working dog with strong herding instinct.

The Australian Shepherd Club of America’s National Specialty is an annual event that showcases Australian Shepherds in a variety of competitive events over a period of nine days. These competitive events include stockdog trials, obedience, rally, agility, conformation, junior handling, dock jumping and tracking. The 50th ASCA National Specialty will be held October 11-19 at Fonner Park in Grand Island, Nebraska.

General Requirements and Description of Services/Items Requested: Proposals. Including costs for services, will be accepted by the 2024 ASCA Nationals Chairman, Denise Creelman, no later than Friday, December 15, 2023. Any response received after this deadline shall be considered late and will not be considered. The bid for the delivery of the work described below should be accompanied by samples of the artist’s work and must be submitted to the following email address:

The 2024 Nationals Committee is looking for a logo to be reproduced on various pieces of merchandise and awards and used for our various media applications. Typically, we need four versions of the logo: full-color, one-color, reversed/negative one-color, and a line-drawing version (depending on the logo design). The bid should cover production of all four versions of the logo. The artist must be able to provide high-resolution files for our various vendor needs. (The artwork will be provided in 300 dpi resolution.)

The Australian Shepherd Club of America will own full rights for this artwork and reserves the right to have an illustration created based on the artwork.

Process for Selecting the Logo: The selected artist will present three concepts to the 2024 Nationals Chairman, who will, in turn share these with the 2024 Nationals Committee by January 15. One of the concepts will be selected and the 2024 Nationals Chairman will give the artist the committee’s feedback for revision. The artist will use that feedback to create the final version of the logo by February 1. If the committee does not like any of the original three concepts offered, the committee may request an additional two concepts from the artist.

Kalla Jaco
Executive Secretary, Australian Shepherd Club of America
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