BOD Candidates

The following members are running for a position on the ASCA Board of Directors in this year’s election:

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Election dates to remember:
May 1 – foreign member ballots will be mailed.
May 15 – U.S. member ballots will be mailed.
June 1 – contact the Business Office if you have not received your ballot by this date!
July 15 – all completed ballots are due online or in the hands of the receiver (not postmarked).
All candidates will be notified of the results by July 20. As soon as each candidate has acknowledged receipt, the results will be shared with the membership. Published results will list each candidate with the number of votes received. Official notice of voting results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the ASCA National Specialty.
Susan ByrneI would consider myself an asset to the ASCA Board of Directors because I have competed successfully in all ASCA sanctioned programs, except Tracking, and also have been an employee in the ASCA Business Office. This allows me to bring a unique perspective to the Board, having had the first-hand knowledge of the day to day operations in the Business Office as well as interaction with our members. I am also a fair individual that operates with integrity and have no personal agenda.
Dawna SimsI have competed in several of ASCA’s programs and believe that this experience will assist with problem solving and to make better educated decisions for the organization.
Jan WesenI have a well rounded background in the programs of ASCA. I believe in the Versatile Aussie and making sure that all parts of the ASCA program can be the best that they can be. Work to communicate with other board members and ASCA members to develop solutions that will promote the Australian Shepherd.
Susan BryneIf elected, I would hope to bring objectivity to the Board as well as the initiative to get things done. Now that we are on the cusp of the completion of the new computer system, we must commence work on a new building for our club. The current facility is deteriorating and does not meet our workplace needs.
Dawna SimsInforming members of decisions and why they were made is key to building trust. Obtaining feedback from members before decisions are made would support an inclusive ASCA, one that seeks membership support.
Jan WesenI will continue the work positivity with the other board members and ASCA members to reach a stronger ASCA program financially and structurally.
Susan ByrneIn my many years of volunteerism, a great majority of my experiences are with not-for-profit organizations including multiple Officers’ Wives Clubs and the Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs. I have served in the capacities of treasurer, Vice Presidents, President and Parliamentarian. I believe these experiences will lend themselves to me being a contributing member of the ASCA Board and offering ideas through a fresh set of eyes.
Dawna SimsI have successfully owned and operated two businesses for the last 29 years. I am very familiar with the ins and outs of running a business and that there are often hard decisions to be made. I understand what it takes to set goals and work to achieve them.
Jan WesenAs a Dairy Farmer, working in a family operation, we have to make hard decisions, as a family to make things work financially. I will make the tough decisions to make ASCA financial strong for the benefit of the Australian Shepherd working as a team.
Susan ByrneI would like to see ASCA continue to honor and showcase the versatility of the Australian Shepherd while encouraging the health of the breed. We should continue to serve our members and explore suggestions offered to encourage participation in our events.
Dawna SimsI would like to see ASCA continue to grow and modernize while still preserving our Australian Shepherd as it was intended to be.
Jan WesenBoard of Directors set the policy as a group, as a member of the board of directors, I will work to set directives to make the breed better. I do believe that better communication with membership is important for the long term benefit of the breed.
Susan BryneI have served on the Nationals Consortium for 2014 (sponsorship), 2017 (local liaison) and 2021( accounting chair and local liaison). In 2022 and 2023, I have accepted the responsibility of the accounting chair again. With more than 1000 line item entries in 2021, I am proud to say the ledger balanced to the penny with the closing bank statement.
Dawna SimsI have been course director for 4 stock pre-trials at nationals.
Jan WesenI have attended nationals since 1998. I am Current ASCA Treasurer, Past Chairperson of the Stockdog Committee 2014, Chairperson of the MVA committee 2010 to 2013. Currently member of ASCA Tracking Committee, ASCA DNA Committee Member, ASCA Stockdog Committee, and ASCA Obedience Committee. I am a Judge in Obedience, Tracking, Stockdog , Rally and Agility judge. Chaired National Tracking in 1998, 2017,2018, 2021 and 2022.
Susan ByrneI have served as Affiliate Rep for ASC of Texas and as Secretary for Central Texas Working ASA. I am also a willing volunteer at any event I attend whether it is stock handling or contributing in whatever needs to be done to help agility trials run smoothly.
Dawna SimsI have served as the president of ASCofAZ for the last 8 years. I have been course director for all of the ASCofAZ’s stock trials for the last 14 years as well as some of SAZASA’s trials.
Jan WesenI have been member of ASC of WA since 1986, current President. Member of Treasure Valley ASA, ASC of Maine, Three Rivers ASCA have served on many positions in the club. President, Vice President, Secretary, Board Member at Large, Course Director, Show Secretary, Newsletter editor, Chairperson of Stockdog Trial, Chairperson of Tracking, Obedience and Conformation Show and education events.