Call for Affiliates to apply to host at 2024 National Specialty

It is time for Affiliates to apply to host a pre-trial or pre-show at the 2024 ASCA National Specialty. The 2024 Nationals will be held October 11-19, 2024, at the Fonner Park in Grand Island, Nebraska. If your club is interested in being a part of Nationals, please use the link below to apply. The deadline for application is Wednesday, March 15, 2023. The Board will conduct the pre-trial/pre-show draw during their Spring Board Meeting. Please see rules regarding the selection of Nationals pre-trials and pre-shows below the application link. If you have any questions about applying, please email Please show your support of ASCA by volunteering to host!
To apply to host a pre-trial or pre-show, please click on this link and complete the application form:
National Specialty Rules Concerning Pre-Trials and Pre-Shows:
1.4 Pre/Post-Shows/Trials
a. Pre/post-shows/trials held in conjunction with the ASCA National Specialty may either be Sanctioned as Member Shows or Specialties. In either case, entries for pre/post-shows/trials shall be limited to ASCA Registered Australian Shepherds.
b. There will be pre/post-shows/trials organized for any ASCA Program held in conjunction with the ASCA National Specialty. If pre/post-shows/trials are offered, they will be considered part of the National Specialty for the purpose of age calculation, and they will be subject to the same age calculation date as the rest of the National Specialty events.
1.4.1 Selection of Affiliate Pre/Post-Show/Trial Hosts
Affiliates who are interested in holding a pre-trial, post-trial, pre-show, or post-show for a Nationals should submit their names to the Nationals Advisory Committee by the announced deadline. All names will be put into a lottery draw for their desired event(s). An Affiliate may only host one event every four years, unless no other Affiliates are interested in hosting. The purpose of the lottery draw is to provide an opportunity to all Affiliates who wish to take part in the ASCA National Specialty by hosting a pre-show/trial. Request for Affiliates
In February, in the year prior to the National Specialty, the Nationals Advisory Committee will send notice via ASCA’s electronic media outlets, inviting Affiliates to apply to host a National pre-show or pre-trial. Determining Qualifications of Affiliates to Host
Interested Affiliates will complete the online questionnaire by the designated date, indicating that they would like to host. These applications will be reviewed by the Nationals Advisory Committee to ensure the Affiliate has the expertise and workers to host the event they are volunteering for. Information provided to the National Advisory Committee will be assumed to be correct. The Committee will not be required to verify the information. The responding, qualified Affiliates will be placed in a pool of Affiliates for random selection. Failure to Secure Enough Affiliates to Host
If not enough Affiliates apply to host a pre-show or pre-trial in all competitive programs, the Nationals Committee will host at least one pre-show / trial per competitive program. The Procedure for the Draw
a. The random draw will be done by the Board at their Spring Meeting. The selection process will be completed at one time in full view of any who wish to attend the draw.
b. All Affiliate names will be shown in the order of the draw, and then posted to the ASCA Website and any ASCA approved e-mail list.
c. After the Nationals schedule and the pre-show and pre-trial contracts have been approved, the Affiliates will be asked, in order drawn, to select the pre-show / trial they wish to host. For example, number 1 will choose the date they want, followed by two, etc., until all pre-shows / trials have been spoken for.
1.4.2 Pre/Post-Show/Trial Fees
The fees for hosting a pre or post show or trial for the ASCA National Specialty shall be determined for each Nationals by the ASCA Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Nationals Advisory Committee.
1.4.3 Pre/Post-Show/Trial Contracts
 Affiliates selected to host a pre-show, post-show, pre-trial or post-trial shall sign a contract with ASCA and shall pay the required deposit by the required date or the next Affiliate on the selection list will be invited to host.