Canadian & European Affiliates & Members

Fellow ASCA Members,

The ASCA Board of Directors has received various letters of concern and has seen comments on social media and some lists about the lack of judges in Canada and Europe. The problem is compounded by the travel restrictions and closure of borders. The directors acknowledge that this is a problem and would like to see some temporary measures adopted regarding the use of experienced people and/or judges from other organizations to act as judges while these restrictions are in place. The Board has tasked the program committees to work on temporary alternatives and the committees are working on the problem.

This is a task for the committees because, while we are all concerned about the feasibility of events in Canada and Europe, the temporary measures shouldn’t compromise the integrity of the programs or the titles during this period of restrictions. We are concerned about our affiliates, but the committees, the Board, and ASCA, need to strike a balance between the needs of the affiliates and the integrity of the programs and titles. Also, each program has specific needs and ways in which judges are trained, educated, tested, and approved. Therefore, a “one size fits all” approach is not possible nor advisable.

The other issue that committees should consider in drafting creative ways to solve the judge availability problem in Canada and Europe is the competitor. Even in these challenging times, competitors will expect fair and expert judging. Therefore, the people allowed to judge during this period must be experienced and knowledgeable of ASCA’s rules, some of which are different from other organizations. The committees will have to find ways in which this knowledge and experience is evaluated in accordance with the needs of the program. While the committees are trying to do this as expeditiously as possible, please be understanding of the challenges they have in drafting a practical solution to this problem.


Liz Busquets
ASCA President