Cee Hambo Educational Scholarship


It’s often said, and very true, that our juniors are the future of ASCA. For that reason, the ASCA Foundation offers the Cee Hambo Educational Scholarship. Originally founded in honor of the late Cee Hambo (45 Ranch), this scholarship provides funds to those with a background in Australian Shepherds who seek education beyond high school (this applies to college or trade/craft school).

All individuals must have, at the time of application:

  1. Obtained the grade of sophomore in high school or equivalent
  2. Been associated in the raising, handling, caring, and/or showing of Australian Shepherd dogs
  3. Demonstrated their accomplishments, awards, and activities associated with Australian Shepherds

If that applies to you, and you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity from ASCA, please send your resume to asca.execsec@gmail.com any time during the year.

If you read this and thought of someone – be sure to share with them.

The vision of this fund is to develop assets so that individuals will be funded for the duration of their schooling. We can’t do this without your help — If you, your club, or company would like to donate to this tax-deductible fund, please contact the ASCA Business Office for more information.


Kalla Jaco

ASCA Executive Secretary