Competitive Programs

ASCA has so much to offer!

As part of its efforts to promote the Australian shepherd as a breed, encourage breeders to strive to maintain the breed’s unique qualities, and provide acknowledgment of accomplishments, ASCA offers competitive programs and special recognition.  It keeps and publishes standings of top competitors in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, stockdog and juniors.  Top ranked competitors in each venue are invited to compete in Finals at the national specialty show each year.

Kennels, dams and sires may receive designation as Hall of Fame (or Hall of Fame Excellent kennel) based on the accomplishments of the dogs they have produced.  Dogs may also sport the titles of Most Versatile Champion or Supreme Versatile Champion based on accomplishments in several venues.

Our juniors are the future of our shows and will be the ones to carry on our  programs, and ASCA prides itself its program of recognition for juniors competing in conformation and performance events.