Agility Committee

Mission Statement: To promote and improve the agility experience for all involved in ASCA agility.

The Agility Committee is the advisory group for the ASCA Board of Directors for matters concerning agility. Topics range from new or revised rules to competitor and judge education.

The committee is comprised of 2 delegates from each of ASCA’s seven regions, plus the Chair. Any active participant or judge interested in ASCA agility is welcome to apply for a seat on the committee. Resumes can be sent to the ASCA Board of Directors through the Executive Secretary

Candidates will be selected by the ASCA Board of Directors, usually at the April Spring meeting in Bryan TX. If you are not chosen, your resume will be kept.

Current Members

You may contact any member of the committee, not just members from your region; or you may send any correspondence to ASCA Executive Secretary for distribution to the committee.

Agility Committee
Liaison: Susan Byrne –
Chair: Jan Niblock* (2024) –
Region 1: Chet Katwyk* (2023), Sandra Katzen (2023)
Region 2: Sherry Butler* (2023), Diana Curl (2023), Nicole Watts (2023)
Region 3: Claudia Yearsley (2023)
Region 4:
Region 5: Andrea Hoffmann* (2024)
Region 6: Michael Kurdzo (2024), Heather Tyler (2023), Donalee McElrath (2023)
Region 7: Natascha Wagenaar-Herbergs (2024)
Agility Course Reviewers: Judy Boone, Sandra Katzen, Pamela Bryant-Meeks, Richard Pittman, Sherry Butler
Apprentice Agility Course Reviewers: Sue Graham