The ASCA Conformation program is designed to promote the exhibition of ASCA registered purebred Australian Shepherds and award those that conform to the ASCA Breed Standard. This standard of judging was accepted and approved by the membership in 1977.

In the last 5 years, over 100s of ASCA Sanctioned Conformation Shows were held throughout the United States and Internationally.

The Conformation Program has two classifications in which to compete for Championship points. One for Intact dogs and bitches; and another for Altered (spayed/neutered) dogs and bitches. Both Programs utilize the same rules and regulations, with one minor variance: to allow the competition of spayed/neutered dogs within its own division. ASCA is the first dog registry to actually allow altered dogs/bitches acquire Championships.

To earn a Conformation Championship, whether Intact or Altered, ASCA requires three major wins and a total of 15 points. A major win is one where the show is large enough for the dog to earn at least three points. Each Affiliate club is provided with a point schedule based on the amount of dogs and bitches that are shown at their club each year. These point schedules may vary from dogs and bitches shown, and from year to year.

The prefix “Ch” and A-Ch before a dog’s name denotes either Intact Conformation Champion (Ch) of Record or Altered Conformation Champion of Record (A-Ch).

Each year ASCA awards those dogs that have defeated the most dogs and/or bitches by being awarded Best of Breed or Best of Opposite at a show they have competed in. This Merit Year starts June 1 and runs through May 31st. At the yearly National Specialty, Premiere awards are given to a percentage of the chosen best dogs and bitches competing in the Intact Best of Breed class and Altered Best of Breed class.