Conformation Committee


Mission Statement: The Australian Shepherd Club of America’s Conformation Committee exists to promote good sportsmanship and the welfare of the Australian Shepherd. Our focus is adherence to the Breed Standard and the rules governing conformation shows, as provided by the parent club.

Welcome to the conformation committee. Please be aware that the members of all of ASCA’s committees are volunteers and give many hours of free time to help make ASCA a better place to show at. Rules may be changed or updated at times. There are usually good reasons a rule is changed or updated. New rules are also added at times. The membership may bring a concern that they see happening at events that prompt a committee to bring forth a new rule. The conformation committee not only works for ASCA as a business, but you the member and exhibitor.

Each year at the spring board meeting, the board votes in new members to a committee or may renew current members if their term is about to expire. If you are interested in joining the conformation committee (or any other committee) you must send a resume in to the executive secretary for consideration. But please be aware that committees need active members. Please don’t ask to join a committee if you do not have the time to be active in committee business.

Conformation Committee
Full list of committee members can be viewed on the ASCA committee page.

If you have suggestions for the ASCA Conformation Program, please contact a Conformation Committee member and they will be happy to take your suggestion to the committee.  The Conformation Chair can be reached at Shelby Shank –  .

For information about serving on the Conformation Committee please contact the  Executive Secretary .