Conformation FYI for Exhibitors


What is an exhibitor?

Exhibitor- someone who organizes an exhibit for others to see. Thesarus.

An exhibitor should know the rules and regulations concerning their venue.  If you have any doubts about showing to a judge, then err on the side of caution and don’t do it. Please be courteous to all the other exhibitors! A first impression is a long lasting one! Have your dog ready to go into the ring, there is nothing worse than making a judge wait for you to get ready!

Above all else, be a good sportsman, win or lose! The information below is basic common sense. We hope it helps you become a better exhibitor!

Be on time at the ring and check in with the Ring Steward

Be courteous to the judge even you don’t win the class or don’t get placed

Don’t badmouth the judge if you didn’t win or didn’t get placed

Don’t throw or place a ribbon on the judge’s table

Make sure your dog is clean and groomed when arriving at the ring

Wear proper attire when arriving in the ring

Be aware and respectful of other handlers and their dogs when in the ring and keep a distance in between your dog and the dog ahead of you; do not run up on one another

Always use sportsmanlike conduct; congratulate the winner/s

Be as good a loser, as you are a winner

Enjoy your dog, be a great team and ambassador for the breed