Supreme Conformation Champion


To participate in the ASCA SCCH program a dog must be:
1. A purebred Australian Shepherd registered with ASCA.
2. An ASCA Champion of Record or have been transferred to the Best of Breed competition based on owner records of having completed the requirements for ASCA Champion of Record pending official notification of CH completion.

This program requires a dog to obtain a total of fifty points with six major wins to become a Supreme Conformation Champion. The major wins must be won under six different judges and at least two other judges must award the remaining points. At least one Champion of Record must be defeated at each show where SCCH points are awarded.

SCCH points will be awarded to ASCA Champions of Record who win BOB or BOS at ASCA Affiliate shows and Specialty shows including, but not limited to, the ASCA National Specialty and Pre-Shows.

A BOB win will be awarded five points, A BOS win will be awarded three points at shows with a major in either dogs or bitches. If there is not a major, the BOB win will be awarded three points, the BOS win will be awarded two points.

In the calculation of SCCH points, only dogs that were present and judged will count. Dogs that are disqualified, dismissed, excused, absentee or have all awards withheld do not count.

Levels of SCCH Achievement
Additionally, the ASCA SCCH program would offer levels of achievement:
At each additional level, the participating dogs must be an ASCA SCCH of Record and have completed the requirements of the previous level.

Emerald: 100 SCCH points Ruby: 150 SCCH points Sapphire: 200 SCCH points Diamond: 250 SCCH points
Diamond l: 350 SCCH points Diamond ll: 450 SCCH points Diamond lll: 550 SCCH points Diamond lV: 650 SCCH points

Additional levels can be added to the Diamond designation as needed following the established point pattern (additional one hundred SCCH points for each level added).

Points are accumulated as the dog progresses through the levels. For example, an ASCA CH has earned fifty points to complete SCCH. He must then earn an additional fifty points to complete SCCH Emerald. The same dog must then earn an additional fifty points to complete SCCH Ruby, an additional fifty SCCH points to earn SCCH Sapphire, and an additional fifty SCCH points to earn SCCH Diamond. An additional one hundred points is required for each advancement at the Diamond level. At least one Champion of Record must be defeated at each show where SCCH points are awarded.


Title Altered Abbreviation Intact Abbreviation
Supreme Conformation Champion A-SCCH SCCH
Supreme Conformation Champion Emerald A-SCCHE SCCHE
Supreme Conformation Champion Ruby A-SCCHR SCCHR
Supreme Conformation Champion Sapphire A-SCCHS SCCHS
Supreme Conformation Champion Diamond A-SCCHD SCCHD
Supreme Conformation Champion Diamond l A-SCCHD l SCCHD l
Supreme Conformation Champion Diamond ll A-SCCHD ll SCCHD ll
Supreme Conformation Champion Diamond lll A-SCCHD lll SCCHD lll
Supreme Conformation Champion Diamond lV A-SCCHD lV SCCHD lV


Effective Date: June 1, 2021.

This list is updated every month around the 8th of the month. Points are figured by the shows entered in the computer. Dogs with less than 50 points do not qualify for SCCH but are listed for owners to keep track on where they stand. If you have any questions contact

To be on the list below, your dog must have all majors needed to be SCCH.

Supreme Conformation Champion