Dock Jumping Committee

Dock Jumping

Mission Statement: The purpose of an ASCA Dock Jumping Program is to demonstrate the ability of the dog and its handler to function as a team and show mutual trust.

Dock Jumping Committee
Liaison: Jan Wesen –
Chair: Heidi Mobley
Region 1: Melinda Jenkins (2024)
Region 2: Alexi Staples (2023), Warene Waters (2023)
Region 3: Kristina Churchill (2024)
Region 4: Jen Bunker (2023)
Region 5:  Pam Smith (2023), Jennifer Bertrand (2023), Lesli Hill (2024), Taylor Justice (2024)
Region 6: Sandra Czarny (2024), Renee St. Jacques (2023)
Region 7:

Would you like to serve on the Dock Jumping Committee?  There are some openings and your input is welcome.

If you have suggestions for the ASCA Dock Jumping Program, please contact a Dock Jumping Committee member and they will be happy to take your suggestion to the committee.  The Dock Jumping Chair (Heidi Mobley) can be reached at