Hall of Fame

Hall Of Fame

There exists in this world, exemplary individuals that excel in form, function, and stamina. There also exists in this world, situations when Murphy s Law does not interfere in the course of nature and creation is allowed to go beyond its normal limits. As with any great athlete these individuals will strive to be the best that they can be for it is within their very soul to go that extra mile. When dogs such as these are paired with a handler who recognizes this special talent it is a rare thing. For not only do they form a special bond through years of training and companionship, but they also go beyond having a pet or a mere dog, to reach a new plateau of respect formed of pure love.

It is with this love of the breed that the Australian Shepherd Club of America created a venue for recognizing these individuals. Beginning in the 1980 s ASCA formed the rules and classes, which have become the programs of Special Recognition . This showcase of Aussies is the hallmark of excellence within the Australian Shepherd Club of America, please enjoy the images, and respect the years of hard work that these owners and their beloved Aussies have created.

Bruce Garrett
Temptation Aussies
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