Jo Kimes Award

Junior Showmanship

Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship

The Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship awards one ASCA Lifetime Membership Scholarship annually to recently aged-out juniors.


The purpose of the Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship is to support former juniors in their transition from the Junior Program to involvement with ASCA as an adult. The scholarship fund was created exclusively to award ASCA Lifetime Membership Scholarships to Juniors in their final six months of eligibility in the Junior Program until their twenty-first birthday.

Joyce Ann “Jo” Kimes (November 17, 1943 – November 26, 2022) was a devoted member of the Australian Shepherd Club of America and served as its Executive Secretary for 30 years from 1978 to her retirement in 2008. She was instrumental in shaping the club’s history and saw many important moments during her tenure. Jo was a dedicated and passionate advocate for the breed and worked tirelessly to promote its well-being. Her love for Aussies started when she stumbled upon someone selling Australian Shepherd puppies at a rodeo, and she purchased her first Aussie named “Beggar”. Jo’s commitment to the club and its members was unwavering, and her happiest times were spent with her ASCA friends. She always supported the junior programs; her daughter was an ASCA Junior, and she watched many other juniors grow through the ASCA programs.  Her legacy will be remembered through the Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship, given in honor of her contributions to the Australian Shepherd community.


The Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship is funded through the ASCA Junior Fund. Ten percent of annual funds from the general ASCA Junior Fund are allocated for the Lifetime Membership Scholarship each year. Additionally, ASCA will accept individual donations on behalf of the Juniors Committee to the Lifetime Membership Scholarship by specifying the donation to be used only for the Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship.


Individuals eligible to have the Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship pay for their individual lifetime membership to ASCA must meet the following criteria:
1. At the time of application, individuals must be in their last year of Junior Membership eligibility. If an individual has already aged out of the Junior Program, the individual must apply before their twenty-first birthday.
2. Demonstrated accomplishments, awards, activities, and involvement with ASCA and the Australian Shepherd.
3. Demonstrated intent to continue involvement with ASCA after aging out of the Junior Program.

The application directions are available on the ASCA Website and must be provided to the Executive Secretary by August 31 to be considered for that year’s award. The following must be included with the application:
1. ASCA resume detailing experience in the Junior Program and ASCA, date of birth, Junior membership number
2. ASCA Membership Application or Renewal Form
3. Personal essay of 250-750 words detailing experience with the Junior Program, future plans to continue involvement with ASCA, and how the Lifetime Membership would support those plans.


The ASCA Juniors Committee will award the Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship annually to one (1) individual. The ASCA Juniors Committee reserves the right to award additional scholarships annually when funds permit. The funds for the Lifetime Membership will go directly to ASCA, not to the applicant.


The ASCA Juniors Committee will create a volunteer sub-committee annually of three Juniors Committee members, the ASCA Juniors Committee chair, and the ASCA Juniors Committee Board Liaison.

In no event shall any individual on the Committee participate in the decision-making process if an applicant is related to said individual. If any applicant is related to the Juniors Committee Board Liaison, said Director shall recuse themselves from any activities or decisions in connection therewith. In the event the Juniors Committee Board Liaison recuses themselves, a Director without a conflict may fill the empty spot on the sub-committee.
The Executive Secretary will collect applications year-round and forward them to the Juniors Committee Chair, the Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership sub-committee will make the official decision one month before the National Specialty. The recipient(s) will be announced at the National Specialty.

Jo Kimes Lifetime Membership Scholarship Application