The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent breed, they make exceptional companions, versatile and easily trained – performing assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm.  ASCA created the “Most Versatile Aussie” competition and Award to showcase this versatile aspect of our breed.

The “Most Versatile Aussie” Award is offered annually at the National Specialty show to recognize the dog which best combines the attributes of trainability, the desire and ability to work livestock, and a dog which faithful represents the Australian Shepherd breed standard.  In short, the dog that can do it all.  The MVA competition takes place over several days at the ASCA Nationals and making it through with a qualifying score is an honor in itself.

The MVA competition requires:

  • A strong working ability that is the basis of the breed, which is demonstrated by attaining a qualifying score in at least one Stockdog trial class; cattle, sheep or ducks.
  • Trainability and willingness to please, demonstrated by the skill and expertise required to qualify in one or more of the recognized performance events – Obedience, Agility, Rally or Tracking.
  • A dog is a true and honest representative of the breed when evaluated against the breed standard.

The MVA competition is open to all Australian Shepherds with full registration privileges – both altered and intact Aussies may compete.

Aussies at virtually all levels of competition are eligible to compete in MVA.  Dogs may compete in Started, Open and Advanced Classes to earn eligible Stockdog scores.  Similarly, qualifying scores may be earned in Novice, Open and Utility Obedience, Novice, Open and Elite Agility, and Advanced, Excellent and Masters Rally.  The number of MVA points earned by each qualifying score depends on the relative difficulty of each Class.

In the average nationals, over 80 Aussies enter the MVA competition and half earn qualifying scores.  We invite you to join the MVA competition at the next ASCA Nationals!