Rally Committee


Mission Statement: Serving ASCA, the affiliate clubs and the exhibitors with their canine partners by ensuring ASCA Rally remains the best rally program available.

The Rally Committee is currently engaged in a number of projects with an eye toward the future.

Plans are underway that are intended to support our wonderful Exhibitors, Judges, Affiliate Clubs, and Volunteers as they make our sport possible.  Thank you each and every one!!!

Motions for sign revisions that are more consistent and clear have been made and approved by the Board.

More information is being added to the judging education materials and videos.  We hope to provide information that leads to even more consistent judging and understanding of performance requirements.

Members of the Committee are hard at work reviewing course maps.  Our goal: help judges create better courses and maps with more efficiency and less effort, while providing our exhibitor teams with the best possible Rally experience.

Rally Committee
Liaison: Rick Gann rgann.asca@gmail.com
Chair: Karen Black* (2024) – karenblackrally@gmail.com
Region 1: Noel Ritter (2024)
Region 2: Sue Graham (2023), Diana Curl (2023)
Region 3: Joan Skinner* (2024), Etta Wertz (2023)
Region 4:  Cynthia Hokes (2023)
Region 5: Corinne Shanks* (2023)
Region 6: Leah Swatko* (2023), Kathryn Meyer (2023)
Region 7: Guenter Geisel* (2023)
Rally Course Reviewers: Joan Skinner, Lori Anglemyer, Kathryn Meyer, Corinne Shanks, Karen Black

Would you like to serve on the Rally Committee?  There are some openings and your input is welcome.

If you have suggestions for the ASCA Rally Program, please contact a Rally Committee member and they will be happy to take your suggestion to the committee.  The Rally Chair can be reached at Karen Black – karenblackrally@gmail.com