Scent Detection

Scent Detection

The Scent Detection Committee is dedicated to raising awareness around the fundamental role that scent plays with working stock dogs, highlighting the skills of problem-solving in any terrain or weather while showcasing independent working and thinking. A dog who uses its nose to do its job is a well-rounded and versatile working partner. This is a fantastic sport in which rescues, veteran dogs, and handlers or otherwise challenged handlers/dogs can compete and succeed.

Scent Detection is a sport that evolved from working detection dogs to locate a target odor and communicating to the handler that the odor has been found. This is a bonding team activity between the dog and handler.  The handler learns to “read” the changes in body language.  The dog indicates that they are hunting and then “sourcing” or locating the target scent. Scent Detection can build focus, drive and confidence in dogs of all ages.

This is a performance sport that can earn the established titles in increased challenging levels of performance.  During this event, the team should exhibit communication and teamwork during the search and above all, have fun.

Scent Detection Rules

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If you have suggestions for the ASCA Scent Detection Program, please contact a Scent Detection Committee member and they will be happy to take your suggestion to the committee. The committee welcomes your questions and comments at