Scent Detection Matches and Educational Events

Scent Detection

It is the desire of the Scent Detection Committee to put the lower levels of the program into operation to allow Affiliate Clubs of ASCA to begin training, to gauge interest in the program and to allow judges to work with the program first hand.  All Affiliates who desire to hold fun matches, or other scent searching related educational activities are welcome to do so without the approval of the Scent Detection Committee. No titles will be awarded from matches. The event shall be open to all breeds and will follow ASCA rules.

Why do a Scent Detection Match or Educational Event prior to an actual trial?  

Because it’s fun! And your Affiliate Club is getting hands-on experience and training. It’s a great club fund raiser and your club will be educating and building your competitor base in ASCA’s scent detection program and training your volunteers.  We all need that annual educational event! Hosting a workshop that presents the tools and rules of scent theory with hands-on exercises gets everybody prepared!

The program needs to maintain a pool of qualified judges and plans for ongoing judges’ education.  This opportunity to conduct matches lets judges test the program first hand and Affiliates can encourage judges to apply to be an ASCA Scent Detection Judge.  Chapter 11 of the rules contains information on becoming a judge. The ASCA website lists all current judges.

Can just anybody do a fun match or workshop?

No, only ASCA Affiliates in good standing have the exclusive right to schedule and conduct events that use the official rules.  But Affiliate Clubs are encouraged to educate and train their members and the public to increase participation. There is no sanctioning fee for conducting a match or educational event.  We would like you to complete the Post Event Evaluation Form for us after the conclusion of your match or educational event.

What’s Scent Detection have to do with a working Aussie?

A dog that uses its nose to do its job is a well-rounded and versatile working partner. The fundamental role that scent plays with working stock dogs demonstrates its independent thinking and problem solving skills in any terrain or weather.

How does my Affiliate Club get started?

It’s easy!  Matches are mock trials and we’re here to help you get started.  The Scent Detection Committee members come from all regions across the US, Canada and Europe and contact information for members can be found on the ASCA website.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our members for help or advice. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be emailed to the Committee at

Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail!