Tracking Committee


Mission Statement
The ASCA Tracking Committee is dedicated to maintaining and growing a highly-regarded, non-competitive tracking program for the global ASCA community, a program that encourages human-canine teamwork and showcases the Australian Shepherd’s natural scenting ability, extraordinary focus, and drive to complete a mission.

Tracking Committee
Full list of committee members can be viewed on the ASCA committee page.

The tracking committee has added a Tracking Interest Profile (TIP) and a Beginner Tracking Dog title (BTD).

The fundamental feature of a Tracking Interest Profile is to evaluate a new dog and handler’s tracking style. The purpose of this profile is to help new dog and handler teams to better understand the factors involved in tracking and what style they are currently exhibiting. This information will encourage people to become involved and stay involved in ASCA tracking, especially in regions with little to no tracking currently being held.

The Beginning Tracking Dog Test (BTD) is an optional title and not a pre-requisite for a TD or TDU. The fundamental features of a Beginning Tracking Dog Test (BTD) are the dog’s ability to follow a short track laid by a person and find an article dropped by that person. The purpose of this test is to make ASCA tracking more accessible in all parts of the country (world).  The BTD is 175 – 250 yards in length and includes 2 corners, one right and one left,  The age of the track is 15 – 60 minutes.

Please contact the committee if you have any questions about putting on a BTD test or testing dog and handler teams for the TIP.  So far we have had a few BTD tests and they have encouraged people to continue with their training towards a TD or TDU.

The tracking committee has set up so that interested members can give input to the tracking committee, and be posted current motions and topics under discussion in the committee.

To join the group contact:  Lisa Klein –

Or you can get in touch with your local tracking committee member listed above.