Corporate Sponsorships & ASCA Merchandise

Dear ASCA Members,
We are pleased to inform you that the Board has approved further investigation of two fundraising proposals from ASCA’s Fundraising Coordinator, Cynthia Downing, to help support ASCA’s mission and goals.

Ms. Downing proposed a corporate sponsorship program for ASCA, which would allow companies to be the “official sponsor” in each category, such as dog joint supplement, pet insurance, and dog food sponsors. These sponsors would receive benefits including a full-page ad in the Aussie Times for six issues, a full-page ad in Nationals catalog, promotional emails to the AussENews list, and more. The costs for sponsorship would be determined by company size, and there are many potential sponsors that ASCA could pursue. Ms. Downing plans to focus on YuMove for the stock dog program, and several ASCA members have expressed interest in joining the ASCA “fundraising committee” to pursue sponsors.

Ms. Downing also proposed creating a for-profit corporation to sell merchandise to benefit ASCA. The for-profit and nonprofit organizations would need to operate separately, with ASCA owning at least 51% of the for-profit and controlling who’s elected to the for-profit Board. The for-profit organization would pay taxes on profits at the current low corporate tax rate of 15%, and ASCA would not need to maintain inventories or deal with shipping. As the for-profit business grows, it might need to hire full-time employees to manage activities. This proposal would require guidance from ASCA’s CPA and attorney to ensure the for-profit is set up correctly and that proceeds from the for-profit are properly distributed to ASCA without jeopardizing ASCA’s nonprofit status.

We are excited about these proposals and believe they have the potential to generate significant revenue for ASCA. We will keep you updated on the progress of these initiatives and encourage members who are interested in joining the fundraising committee to contact Ms. Downing.

Thank you for your continued support of ASCA.

Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary