Draw for 2024 Nationals Pre/Post-Shows/Trials

Dear ASCA Members,

Each year prior to the National Specialty, Affiliates that are interested in hosting a pre-show/trial or post-show/trial submit their application to the Nationals Advisory Committee by the announced deadline (this year it was March 15, 2023). All Affiliates’ names are put into a lottery draw for their desired event. The purpose of the lottery draw is to provide an opportunity to all Affiliates who wish to take part in the National Specialty by hosting a pre/post-show/trial. After the Nationals schedule and the pre/post-show/trial contracts have been approved, the Affiliates will be asked, in the order drawn, to select the pre/post-show/trial they wish to host. For example, number one will choose the date they want, followed by two, etc., until all pre/post-shows/trials have been spoken for.

Conformation Draw Order:
1. Upper Midwest ASC
2. Hill Country ASC

Obedience/Rally Draw Order:
1. Cascade ASC
2. ASC of Michigan

Only one club has submitted their intent to host a Stockdog Trial: ASC of Arizona.

No clubs have submitted their intent to host an Agility Trial yet.

We are still seeking hosts for pre/post-shows/trials at the 2024 Nationals. If your club is interested in being a host, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Nationals Advisory Committee or the 2024 Nationals Chair, Denise Creelman. Your participation in making the 2024 Nationals a success is greatly appreciated!

Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary