General Information

Before you set up a course/ring, please read the frequently asked questions page. Follow all instructions listed in on the FAQ page, on the ring layout or course map, on the entry form, and in the instructions below:

  1. For each venue, there are several pre-designed ring layouts/course maps published on the Course Page. The exhibitor will set up the ring/course, video the run, upload the video to their personal YouTube account, set the required YouTube viewing options, and submit the video link with the entry form and fee to ASCA. For each entry form, you submit for the same dog, you must use a different ring layout or course map.
  2. The required camera location is noted on each ring layout/course map. You may use a stationary camera, or you may have someone videotape you from a similar location, zooming in and out. Videos must include the team approaching the ring area and setting up at the Start position and must continue, with no break in the video until after the team completes the last exercise and leaves the ring area with the dog remaining under control.
  3. The video should be filmed at eye level in normal/landscape mode. The video must be clear, not blurry. The minimum required resolution is 720p HD. Please read the FAQ for additional information.
  4. Your dog must wear a properly fitted collar with nothing hanging from it. For Beginner Novice and Rally Novice a six-foot leash is required. The leash may be fabric or leather, it must be clipped to the dog’s collar, and nothing may be attached to it.  Specialized training collars or harnesses are not allowed
  5. Remember, handlers may NOT carry (in hand, mouth, or pocket) food, toys, or any training aids during the videotaping. You attest to this when you submit the entry!
  6. Any aggressive behavior by the dog, at any point during the video, will result in a non-qualifying score.
  7. Create a YouTube video: You must have a Google Account to create and manage your personal YouTube Channel. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one on YouTube. Sign into YouTube and continue below.
  8. How to upload and share a video: Once you are logged in, CLICK the “create a video button” at the top of the screen, right of the search bar (it looks like a video camera). In the drop-down menu, CLICK “upload video”, once the video is uploaded, it will then take a few minutes to “process.” Be certain to CLICK “PUBLIC or UNLISTED” to choose the level of visibility then CLICK “PUBLISH.”
  9. To enter the link into the entry form, click on the video, CLICK “SHARE.” Another screen will pop up, CLICK “COPY”, go to the entry form to paste the link into the link field.
  10. REVIEW your videos to make sure each one meets the requirements listed on the FAQ page.

To complete an entry form, follow the instructions here and on the form.

  1. Go to the entry form link located on the side menu to access the online entry form
  2. Use the appropriate letters with the dog’s registration number, no spaces and no hyphens. Click “Search” to find your dog’s information.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the form.
  4. Click the course map or ring layout that corresponds with the video.
  5. “Share” and “Copy”, then Paste the YouTube generated link to the entry form.
  6. Pay for the entry via credit card that is part of the entry form.

BEFORE you click “Submit” recheck to make sure all the information on the entry form is correct and “auto- fill” didn’t add anything you didn’t mean to add.

Once the entry form is received, the video link will be assigned to a judge for review. ASCA will notify exhibitors of their score. All eligible qualifying scores will be recorded on the dog’s ASCA record and applied toward the virtual title. There will be no class placements.

Click here to read the ASCA Obedience Regulations

Click here to read the ASCA Rally Regulations

Click here to read the Covid-19 Related Guidelines for ASCA Sanctioned Events

Happy Training!