Business Office FAQ

Frequent asked questions to the business office. If you can’t find your answer here, please contact the  ASCA Business Office.

Business Office:
: How To Fill Out the Individual Registration Application?
Answer: Click here to find out -> how to fill out your individual dog registration

Question: How To I register my litter and/or puppy online?
Answer: Click here to find out -> How do I register my litter and/or puppy online?

Question: How would I go about getting a points record of all points earned for my dog?
: In order to view a listing of all points for your dog, you must either log on to the members only area of the website, or email one of the Show/Trial Coordinators.
To log in to the members-only area of the website, you must be a current member and be registered online.  To register online, go to the home page and click on Register in the My ASCA Membership box.  (Please note that your email address must match the email address listed in the ASCA database.)
For staff email addresses, go to ASCA Information Business Office page to email one of the Show/Trial Coordinators.

Question:  What is the difference between a Full Membership and a Service membership?
Answer:Service membership is a basic type of membership.  It does not come with voting privileges or the Aussie Times, and you must pay full price for our registry services.  We recommend Service membership for anyone who will rarely use our registry services.  If you are registering your dog with a tracking number to compete in ASCA trials, for instance, this is a good option for you.
Full members receive extra benefits such as voting privileges (Board members are voted on once per year), 50% off the cost of any registration service (dog and litter registrations, transfers, leases, etc.), and will receive the Aussie Times magazine for the full term of their membership, which is 1 year.  There are several different types of Full memberships.  Single, Dual, Single Lifetime, Dual Lifetime, and Junior Memberships are all varieties of Full membership.  We recommend that if you will be using our registry services on a regular basis, to choose the Full membership, which will save in registry costs in the long run.

Question:  Why did my membership number change?
Answer:  ASCA membership is on a numerical code system.  The first number in a membership ID indicates what type of membership you purchased.  If you switch from a Full membership to a Service membership, your number will change.  The following is a list of what the first digit in a membership ID represents:
1 – Single
2 – Dual
3 – Affiliate Club
4 – Junior
5 – Service
6 – Lifetime


Question: If I’m competing in Open or Elite in the Standard division and I move to Veterans, do I have to start all over in Novice?
Answer: No, you do not have to start all over. You may continue in the Veterans division, where you left off in the Standard division.

Question: I have earned the 100 points in Elite Gamblers and Jumpers and the 200 points in Regular Elite in order to complete my ATCH. Why do I not have my ATCH?
Answer: The Agility rules state that you must earn those points after the initial title is earned. This means that you actually have to earn 120 points in Elite Jumpers and Gamblers, and 230 points in Elite Regular. However, If you believe you have, in fact, received enough points and you still have not received an ATCH, please contact the Agility Coordinator.

Tracking Numbers
Question: I would like to compete in the ASCA trialing program, but my dog is not an Aussie. How can I compete in ASCA trials?
Answer: You must obtain a tracking number in order to compete in ASCA trials, if your dog is not an Aussie, and/or not fully ASCA registered. Please see below, the FAQ’s on how to obtain a tracking number.

Question: I am applying for a tracking number to compete in the ASCA trialing program. If I have been competing in Agility with NADAC, and I am in a higher class, do I have to start over in Novice with ASCA?
: No. When you send in a tracking number application, you may list any points you have previously earned, and if we can account for those trials, we may credit them to your ASCA record. A NADAC point history for your dog is the easiest way to go about doing this. (We only credit points for those trials which were dual-sanctioned.)

Question: How much does it cost to obtain a tracking number?
Answer: First of all, you must be some type of member to obtain a tracking number, the minimum requirement type being “Service”. The cost for Service membership is $10 per person, and expires after one year. (This is a one-time fee. You do not have to pay this fee per dog.) ASCA membership does not need to be maintained in subsequent years, unless you are going to register another dog after your membership has expired. Then, you must pay a tracking fee of $10 per dog. The total cost to receive a tracking number for one dog is $20, for two is $30, for three is $40, etc.