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Meet the business office staff.

Ray Fryar
Office Manager
Ray Fryar is the office manager for the Australian Shepherd Club of America in Bryan, Texas and works closely with Aussie Rescue. Ray enjoys trialing in the ASCA stock and rally venues, while his wife participates in agility. In the stock arena, Ray has titled multiple dogs in the last two years. In addition, the Aussies contribute with daily chores and a biannual longhorn health roundup. Ray graduated from Texas A&M University in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Development and an emphasis in business management . He was the president of the Aggie Wrangler's dance team and still enjoys dancing with his wife and friends. While working as a logistics technician at TEEX, Ray was trained in the department of weapons of mass destruction, hazardous materials and created teaching scenarios for the METI Human Patient Simulator. Ray remains an avid Aggie football fan and lives in Bryan, Texas with his wife Katrina and daughter Annika.
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Sarah Jackson
Assistant Manager
Sarah has been with ASCA since February 2005 where she began as the Receptionist and Membership Coordinator. She took over the Agility office in June of that year and served as ASCA’s Agility Coordinator for over 6 years before taking over the ASCA Registry office and being promoted to Assistant Manager in 2011 as well as adding Bookkeeper to her title in 2018. Sarah has assisted in many other capacities besides her own official duties, greatly expanding her knowledge of the inner workings of the organization. She deeply appreciates and enjoys her work with the ASCA Business Office and has developed many relationships over the years with some of ASCA’s long-time members all across the globe.
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Misty Ryan
Conformation, Jr and Obedience
I have been with ASCA since December of 2012. I serve as the Conformation, Obedience and Junior coordinator, and most recently began overseeing the affiliate club renewals. It has been joy over the years to serve the ASCA community. I enjoy not only getting to know the breed, but also getting to know the people I serve. I look forward to serving ASCA for many years to come.
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Barbara Turcic
Stockdog, Tracking, and Rally
Agility, Dock Jumping, Show Insurance & QT Numbers
Heidi Mobley
In 1985 I decided to purchase my first dog on my own. I was all set and knew exactly what I wanted. With money in hand, I went to the local pet store to find my Siberian Husky. I was so excited to meet my new friend, but when I arrived I was informed they didn't have any. I was extremely disappointed, but when I looked around I notice they did however have this blue-eyed dog called an Australian Shepherd. I never heard of the breed but as this gentle soul looked out at me through those cage bars, I knew she had to go home with me. Brandy introduced me to the great world of Australian Shepherds. She was true to the standard, reserved with strangers, very smart, attentive, and unusually agile. She was a wonderful dog whose talents have guided me through the years. I have always tried to remember what Brandy was like when breeding; my intelligent, biddable, little girl. Throughout the years, I have participated in almost all aspects of the breed. I've competed in all areas except tracking, and was active with Aussie Rescue for many years. I am currently a Senior Breeder judge and very active in local and national events. In my personal life, I am married to a wonderful man, Scott Mobley. Scott also loves dogs, and is currently working and trialing a few of our own dogs. In addition to our mutual love for animals, we have been blessed with two great children. Wesley is currently attending college and enjoying the bachelor life, while Mackenzie has shown the same level of interest in dogs as her parents. She is very active in conformation and together we have HOF Kennel Western Hills. When ASCA developed their own site, my company helped with the design. Then the job for a webmaster was created at ASCA, and I applied. I have since been working for ASCA for over 10 years now. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to merge my knowledge and love of photography and Australian Shepherd into a job I really enjoy. I have continued to grow with the position and am thrilled that over the years the board and office manager have allowed me to bring some of my ideas, like the AussEnews, to life.
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