Important Message from ASCA’s President

ASCA Members and Friends of ASCA,
As your new President, it’s an honor and a privilege to lead ASCA into the New Year and into the future. ASCA is a club we all love dearly. But ASCA needs YOUR help to pay for the new computer system that will bring ASCA into the 21st Century.
Why am I asking for your help when we’ve all just gotten back from Nationals and the holidays are just around the corner? Because, as your ASCA President, it’s my responsibility to be HONEST, OPEN, and TRANSPARENT about the new computer system. ASCA needed the new system because ASCA’s 20-year-old system was on the verge of crashing. If the old system had crashed, all of ASCA’s data would have been lost and ASCA’s doors would have closed. ASCA’s Board would not allow this to happen so in July 2021, we embarked on converting to a new system. This new system will automate many ASCA processes which are currently manual and offer user-friendly features to benefit our members.
As with any major system conversion, we have faced numerous challenges and delays. The ASCA team overseeing this project is working nonstop to finish the new system. And we are SO VERY CLOSE. But, this is where we need YOUR help.
This project has taken a MAJOR toll on ASCA’s bottom line. ASCA is doing everything possible to remain solvent until the project is completed but ASCA’s funds are at a critical all-time low. As you can see from the chart below, we do not have enough money in the bank to keep ASCA’s doors open and pay the last $100,000 to finish the new computer system.
January 2021
ASCA Operating Account
ASCA Savings Account
Raymond James Investment Account
November 2022
ASCA Operating Account
ASCA Savings Account
Raymond James Investment Account
Account closed
We are launching a fundraising campaign to make up the shortfall and replenish ASCA’s reserves. Our fundraising goal is $250,000. If every one of ASCA’s more than 6,100 members donated just $20, we would be halfway to our goal. If each of ASCA’s 127 affiliates donated $250, we would be 60% of the way to our goal. You can donate to HELP KEEP ASCA’S DOORS OPEN at this link:
If you don’t want to donate online, you’ll can download the donation form from ASCA’s website and mail it to the ASCA Business Office. Every dollar helps and your support is greatly appreciated.
I can always be reached at or by phone at (817) 637-7571. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you in a timely manner.
Thank you,
Rick Gann
ASCA President