Important Update: Insurance Policy Change for 2023 and Implications for ASCA Affiliate Clubs

Dear ASCA Members,

We are reaching out to share some key developments concerning ASCA’s insurance policy for the year 2023. Following a thorough evaluation and thoughtful deliberation process, the ASCA Board has decided to transition our insurance coverage to a new provider, Chubb.

Chubb offers a comprehensive policy that closely aligns with ASCA’s unique needs, and we are excited to note that this move will result in a substantial financial saving for our organization. Specifically, our new policy represents a saving of $20,000 from our current policy.

We are confident that this decision will greatly benefit our organization and members in the forthcoming year. These cost savings will be directed towards enhancing our core programs and services, furthering our mission to uphold and promote the interests of Australian Shepherds.

However, it’s important to note that the new policy will not extend liability coverage to ASCA Affiliate Clubs as was the case in previous years. We acknowledge that this represents a significant change, and we encourage all Affiliate Clubs to seek their own insurance plan that best fits their needs. We believe this will provide an opportunity for each club to tailor coverage more specifically to their local activities and risks, ensuring the best protection for all involved.

As always, the Board remains committed to supporting our Affiliate Clubs during this transition and is ready to help with any concerns or questions you may have about this change.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to navigate and make decisions in the best interest of ASCA and all its members.

Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary