January 2022 Board Meeting

This month’s regularly scheduled meeting of the ASCA Board of Directors will be held Thursday, January 13.


1. December 2021 Treasurer’s Report (Executive Session) – Each month the Board hears an update from the Treasurer (Wesen) regarding ASCA’s current fiscal condition and projections for the future.
2. Raffle at Nationals (Executive Session) – Each year at Nationals the Hill Country ASC puts on a raffle with proceeds donated to the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute. The Board will discuss whether and how the volunteer running the raffle should be compensated since the position was removed from the Nationals Committee. (Larson)
3. 2023 Nationals Committee – (Executive Session) Liaison Gann will present a motion to approve the 2023 Nationals Committee.
4. Last Month’s Email Business – Due to the requirements of Washington State Law, each teleconference meeting includes a motion to ratify all business conducted via email since the last meeting.
5. System Liaison’s Report – Each month the Board hears an update from the System Liaison (Larson) regarding the ongoing progress of the computer system upgrade and overall technology plans.
6. Fee for Printing Membership Cards – Director Larson will present a motion to implement a $5.00 fee to re-print membership cards.
7. Premium Retention on ASCA Website – Director Larson will present a motion to create a policy to retain affiliate event premiums on the website for one year and then they will be removed.
8. PayPal – Director Roberts will present a motion for ASCA to accept payments through PayPal.
9. 2022 Nationals Premium – Liaison Larson will present a revised premium for the 2022 Nationals for Board approval. The revision includes a change to the course for Nationals ducks to Course H (clockwise).

*This agenda is not final and discussion topics may be added until two days before the meeting.

A recording of the open session of this meeting will be available on asca.org and ASCA’s YouTube channel shortly after the meeting’s conclusion.

Thank you,
Kalla Jaco
ASCA Executive Secretary