Above and Beyond Jrs

ASCA Junior Service Award, aka “Above and Beyond Award”
The purpose of the award is to recognize Juniors who exhibit good sportsmanship and who provide selfless service to the Australian Shepherd, their local/national club, and their own community.
Nominees must be an ASCA member, but need not be an active competitor. Letters regarding the accomplishments and service of the Junior must come from someone other than the Junior and/or his/her family. Letters must describe how the Junior has contributed to the dog community and cite specific examples of individual sportsmanship.
The ASCA Board of Directors, or a committee apponited by the Board, shall conduct and review all letters. One Junior will be chosen, based on the criteria set forth, to receive this award at the ASCA National Specialty Banquet. The chosen letter will be read at the Banquet in honor of the recipient. Additional awards may be given in the case of exceptional service by more than one Junior.
All letters of nomination for the year’s award must be submitted no later than August 1 of each year to executive.secretary@asca.org.
2003 – Heather Borde
2004 – Kalla Jaco
2006 – Meghan Maloney
2008 – Amanda Causey
2012 – Madison Wheeler
2013 – Madison Hey
2014 – Mackenzie Mobley and Megan Churchill
2015 – Shelby McDaniel and Avery Pruitt
2016 – Aaron Dalke
2017 – Kyliee Kikuyama, Anneka Dahle, and Hope Peavey