March 2024 ASCA Board Meeting Agenda

The regularly scheduled meeting of the ASCA Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2024. Please note that the following agenda is subject to change until two days before the meeting. Additionally, a recording of the open session of the meeting will be made available on ASCA’s YouTube channel shortly after the conclusion of the meeting.


1. Board Vacancy (Executive Session) – The Board will consider applications to fill the vacancy following Lynda Hardin’s resignation.
2. AEMD Funds (Executive Session) – Repayment of shortfall to AEMD Funds. (McLellan)
3. February 2024 Treasurer’s Report – Each month the Treasurer (McLellan) updates the Board regarding ASCA’s current fiscal condition and projections for the future.
4. System Liaison’s Report – Each month the System Liaison (Clayton) updates the Board regarding the ongoing progress of the computer system upgrade and overall technology plans.
5. Last Month’s Email Business – Due to the requirements of Washington State Law, each meeting includes a motion to ratify all business conducted via email since the last meeting. (Any director can motion)