Online Advertisement

Want to advertise your latest win, kennel, upcoming breeding or particular dog? ASCA online advertising will reach thousands of enthusiasts around the world in seconds. Monthly the ASCA website and ASCA facebook will publish full-color ads to be showcased. These ads will be archived and forever available to viewers.

Display and Rates

Custom Ad
The full page ad space is 900 pixels wide with a height of 800 pixels. Please submit the file as a 72 dpi jpg. This ad is fully customized by you and is ready to be viewed.

The ad with the template is an easy way for you to submit an ad without having to create a full page ad. These photos will be cropped to a 520 pixel wide and 800 pixel high photo and text added by ASCA to create the ad. The ad owner is able to pick from three styles and will be limited to the amount of text that is added. If you are unable to crop a photo to the size, send it to us and we will take care of that part for you. But please make sure the photo can be cropped as a portrait so taller than long.

Lead Ad
First ad on the website, Facebook. and a large ad in the AussEnews.

Preferred Ad
Preferred Positioning Ad – ads 2-4 will be placed as payment has been received. Will also be a small ad in AussEnews.

Themes and Coupons
Taking an ad out in the Aussie Times? Get a 50% discount for also placing an ad online the same month.

Online Ad monthly themes. Advertisements with the theme for the month receive a 15% discount.

Month Theme
January Jr Handlers
February MVA
March National Winners
April Stud Dogs
May Obedience
June Rally
July Stockdog
August Tracking
September Agility
October Merit and Finalist
November Conformation
December Holiday


All advertisers must be ASCA members.

Ad Type
Full Members Service Members
Lead Ad – First Ad
Preferred Positioning  – Pages 2-4
Custom Ad

All other ads will be placed as payment has been received.
Ads must be submitted and paid for by the 25th of each month in order to be showcased the next month

Ready to Advertise?

When you are ready to submit an ad please follow these easy steps:

  • Pay for your ad.
  • Email the photo to the webmaster

Or contact the office:

Checks should be made payable to Australian Shepherd Club of America with a note to what it is being used for and sent to:
6091 E State Hwy 21
Bryan Texas 77808

Have a Question?

If you have a question first check out this page:
Frequently Asked Questions
If you still have a question, please contact the webmaster


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