Nationals Entry Clerk Position for 2024 ASCA National Specialty

Greetings ASCA Members,

We are excited to announce an opening for a pivotal role – the Nationals Entry Clerk – for the upcoming 2024 ASCA National Specialty in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Role Description:

The Entry Clerk will be responsible for receiving and processing all entries and entry-related information for the Nationals. This includes RV space, stall/grooming space, and vendor reservations. A comprehensive list of tasks is outlined below, but essential duties include handling all entry-related communication, managing financial transactions related to the Nationals entries, coordination with Nationals Committee Chairs, and ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of entry-related data. This is a contract-based position with all duties stipulated in the finalized contract. Given the financial responsibilities, ASCA will ensure a fidelity bond for this individual. Part of that process includes a credit check by a third-party bonding company.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent time management.
  • Proficient in word processing and data entry.
  • Effective, prompt communication and exceptional customer service skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and organization.
  • A solid understanding of ASCA programs and rules.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Duties Include:

  1. Making timely and accurate deposits to the Nationals Chase Bank account and immediately posting all deposit amounts (regardless of payment method) to the designated Nationals spreadsheet.
  2. Prior to the entry’s opening, collaborate with the Entry Software Provider to refine and initialize the entry system. Relay payment details to the Nationals Chair.
  3. In preparation for the opening date, coordinate with the Nationals Chair to draft a confirmation letter for all entrants and share this with the Entry Software Provider. 
  4. Procure essential office supplies, such as file folders and boxes, copy paper, and labels for welcome packets and armbands, at ASCA’s cost, ahead of the entry opening date.
  5. Efficiently manage the receipt of all Nationals entries.
  6. Expedite entry processing, ensuring data accuracy by cross-referencing with the ASCA website or direct entrant communication.
  7. Address entrant inquiries swiftly, liaising with relevant individuals when necessary.
  8. Log and file each entry under the corresponding owner/handler’s name.
  9. Develop an email contact directory.
  10. Distribute pertinent information, like sponsorship requests, worker and vendor forms, business cards, advertisements, and parade bios, to the relevant chairs. This includes:
    1. Offering consistent updates to both the Agility Trial Secretary and Agility Entry Clerk.
    2. Supplying the Tracking Chair with entries for the draw.
    3. Providing the Rosette Chair with precise rosette order counts.
  11. Record all reservations, including, but not limited to, Welcome Reception and Banquet tickets, catalog sales and advertisements, RV spaces, and stalls/grooming spaces.
  12. Hold cleaning deposit checks separately.
  13. Keep track of all Parades of Rescue/Titleholders/Veterans, Most Versatile Junior, and 500 Club Parade bios.
  14. Monitor volunteer submissions and share lists with the relevant chairs.
  15. Notify each entrant via email upon the completion of their packet.
  16. Work with the ASCA Business Office for Finals entry processing.
  17. Coordinate and validate any applicable refunds.
  18. Disseminate necessary reports to the chairs after entries close.
  19. Coordinate the procurement of armbands after entries close.
  20. Guarantee the availability of entry documents at Nationals, whether hand-delivered or shipped.
  21. Remain accessible during Nationals for entrant check-in and to resolve any entry-related questions.
  22. Post-Nationals, forward all entry documentation to the ASCA Business Office.
  23. Post-Nationals, collect event results from the relevant chairs, catalog the results, and circulate them to the ASCA Business Office, Webmaster, Aussie Times Editor, and requesting members.
  24. Post-Nationals, liaise with the Nationals Photographer to ensure win photos are sent to both the ASCA Webmaster and Aussie Times Editor.
  25. Post-Nationals, dispatch Nationals Catalogs, inclusive of full results, to purchasing members.


ASCA offers a compensation package based on entry fees processed, with additional provisions for any budgeted expenses. Detailed compensation terms are as follows:


  • $1.50 for each entry fee processed. Example: One dog entered in four agility classes, one conformation class, and three stock classes = $12.00. RV spaces, stalls/grooming spaces, results, etc. are not extra.
  • $1.50 for each cancelled entry fee processed.
  • Reimbursement for any budgeted expenses incurred during the role, including meals, lodging, travel, office supplies, postage, post office box rental, or otherwise. However, prior authorization from the Nationals Chair and submission of relevant receipts are required for such reimbursements.
  • Should ASCA necessitate the utilization of specialized/proprietary software or exclusive event armbands for registrants, they will be provided by ASCA.
  • Initial and milestone-based payments, including a $1,500.00 deposit when entries open and a $1,600.00 completion fee within two weeks after the close of entries.
  • The balance of the fee owed will be settled with the clerk within two weeks following the conclusion of Nationals.


ASCA will issue the clerk with a 1099-MISC form for the fees disbursed. In return, the clerk is expected to promptly submit a completed W-9 to ASCA.

Application Process:

If you believe you have the qualifications and enthusiasm to fulfill this role, we would love to hear from you. Kindly send your letter of interest and resume detailing your experience and suitability for the position to The deadline for submission is September 15, 2023.


We look forward to welcoming a committed professional to our team for what promises to be an exceptional event!