November 2022 Board Meeting Agenda


This month’s regularly scheduled meeting of the ASCA Board of Directors will be held Thursday, November 17. Note that the Board moved their monthly meeting from the second Thursday of the month to the third.


  1. Committee Status Reports (Executive Session) – Board Liaisons will provide a brief status update on their committees. (Held over from the Nationals Meeting)

  2. October 2022 Treasurer’s Report (Executive Session – Confidential Report) – Each month the Treasurer (Wesen) updates the Board regarding ASCA’s current fiscal condition and projections for the future.

  3. Fundraising for ASCA (Executive Session) – The Board will discuss moving forward with plans for a fundraising campaign. (Gann)

  4. 2023 ASCA Budget – The Board will continue their discussion of the budget for the next fiscal year, as prepared by Treasurer Wesen.

  5. Last Month’s Email Business – Due to the requirements of Washington State Law, each meeting includes a motion to ratify all business conducted via email since the last meeting. (Any director can motion)

  6. System Liaison’s Report – Each month the System Liaison (Larson) updates the Board regarding the ongoing progress of the computer system upgrade and overall technology plans.

  7. Junior 500 Club for Performance Events – Liaison McCabe will provide a progress report from the Junior Committee on offering 500 Club for juniors competing in performance events. (Held over from the Nationals Meeting)

  8. Delivery of Finals Letters – The Board will continue their discussion of changing the method of delivering the Finals invitation/confirmation letters to email. (Gann – held over from the Nationals Meeting)

  9. ASCA Going Paperless – The Board will continue their discussion of ASCA moving to a paperless system. Director Gann has been working with the Business Office on this. (Held over from the Nationals meeting)

  10. Merit Award Certificates – The Board will discuss the process for the Business Office to send out merit award certificates. (Gann – held over from the Nationals Meeting)

Note: This agenda is not final and discussion topics may be added until two days before the meeting.

A recording of the open session of this meeting will be available on ASCA’s YouTube channel shortly after the meeting’s conclusion.

Thank you,

Kalla Jaco

ASCA Executive Secretary

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