Post to Membership

ASCA Members,


The new portal is live.  Finally.  Yes, there are problems that need to be fixed.  If you have issues, please Email  Heidi Mobley has done a yeoman’s job of helping people resolve many issues and cataloguing the issues that still need to be fixed.  Thank you, Heidi!


This project has been like renovating an old house.  First, you find a contractor who will do the work, no easy feat in today’s post COVID economy.  You agree on a price and work begins.  Then, the contractor finds asbestos that must be removed.  The price goes up.  Next, lead based paint must be removed.  The price goes up.  The foundation has a major crack.  The price goes up.  You can’t abandon the project so you pay the increased costs.  You don’t like it but you have no choice.


That’s how it’s gone for ASCA with this project.  As Heidi said, ASCA’s old system was broken and it had to be fixed.  Going live with the portal represents major progress.  Thanks to our fundraising efforts, we’ve paid off a significant backlog of invoices so we could reach this point.  But there are things that still need to be fixed.  ASCA will need to pay for these fixes because like renovating an old house, many of the issues were not (and could not have been) anticipated in the original scope of work.


Here’s what happened between 2022 Nationals and January 23, 2023:


Fundraising goal $ 250,000
Amount paid to Inventive since Nationals $ 130,000
Monies not spent from funds raised $   410
Invoices owed to Inventive $ 135,487
Amount needed to fix the portal issues? Unknown
Sources of fundraising to date  
     GoFundMe $ 72,783
     Friends of ASCA $ 23,539
     Checks sent to the office $ 34,555
Total fundraising $130,878**
     ** Does not take into account the 3.2%
GoFundMe processing fees of $2,347
which have been deducted



As Heidi put it, “Work with us not against us!”  After the portal is fixed, there will be time to talk about business plans and accountability and how to make sure this never happens again.  But right now, we need to cover the $110,077 shortfall and raise enough money to fix the problems with the portal.  While the amount needed to fix the portal is “unknown,” it is not a blank check for Inventive.  The problems are known and specific.  Since Inventive’s programmers now understand the software, they can make many of the fixes quickly and cost effectively without starting from scratch.  The end is truly in sight.


So, again, I’m asking you to donate what you can.  You can donate online at or download the contribution form from the ASCA website at:  You can also help by sharing the GoFundMe link on your Facebook page.  Even if you’ve shared it before, share it again.  Even if you haven’t donated, please share the GoFundMe link.  The more people who see that YOU are supporting ASCA in whatever way you can, the more who just might donate.  Please help us raise enough to finish the job.


Thank you for your help.  Thank you on behalf of all of us who love ASCA.  As always, I can be reached at or by phone (817) 637-7571.  If you leave a message, I’ll get back to you in a timely manner.